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March 14, 2014

Art Without Borders Art Coaster Set

Wood-n't it be nice to support a great cause, enjoy artwork, and keep your table free of drink glass rings? Yes, yes it would. Art Without Borders & Gabe Griffiths are pleased to bring us this artful set of 6 wooden coasters, sporting designs from 6 different artists.

These coasters are made in Canada, and available for limited pre-show purchase here. Featuring designs from:

These delightful drink doily sales donate 100% of profits to Doctors Without Borders organization. Doctors Without Borders aids people worldwide who are denied or unable to access medical attention, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion or political affiliation. It's a noble cause, and needs our support! You can donate directly here and view the Art Without Borders Exhibition Info Here.

Stay tuned for more details on Art Without Borders Exhibition at Art Whino's BLIND WHINO Venue, March 22.

DOMO PI DAY: 2-inch Domos $3.14 today only!
Have you ever eaten Domo Pi? No?

Me neither. Weirdo.

Today only, in celebration of Pi Day, we are offering our 2-inch Domos at $3.14159265359 each!

OK, let's just make this easy: they're $3.14 each. SHOP FOR DOMO PI HERE! No code necessary.


Following on from the great success of the Boom! Series 2 Rei release comes, Yojimbo

I don't have the full back story of this release, but below is taken from AX2....

I shall killeth those who dareth toucheth mineth mast'r!
by Shusuke/ Yojimbo from the tribe of Saru

Yojimbo is my job. The members of Inu teased me, saying what I do is reminiscent of a watchdog that guards the entrance of Saru, but I pay them no heed. My life belongs to my mast'r. A grateful dog is no doubt far nobler than those crude, thankless goshi.

Additional Info:
YOJIMBO means bodyguards, the job is usually taken by the more destitute rank of Samurai, such as the Ronin. Yet the attire of a Saru sergeant ought to be glamorous, so even a mere bodyguard's garments would appear more extravagant than that of usual corporals. The Saru people do not tolerate any dishevelment in clothing- a set of elegant, organized attire represents the frontage of the entire Saru clan.

GOSHI means the lowest rank of samurai

The 1/6 Yojimbo Collectible Figurine specially features:

Limited to 400 units worldwide
-A headsculpt of Yojimbo Shusuke
-A Saru Mask
-A Yojimbo Outfit
-Three (3) interchangeable Palms
-Two (2) pair of palms for holding tools
-One (1) relaxed palm
-Weapon pack: 2 samurai swords with one sheath & 2 kunai knives

-Creative Director: AF
-Package Designer: ACE
-Illustration: Eduard Visan
-Sculptor: PKKING
-Costume: KC

Expected shipping is 4th Quarter 2014

Preorder starts today at..... AX2OneSixthBruce and JP Toys

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