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March 3, 2014

Matcandraw's latest customs are great!

Etremely love this comic style from Matcandraw. I heard that all these customs are for sale. Hit him up!

Follow Matcandraw here:
     - Don P 

Kickstarter - Kaiju USB: GODAI Guardians
Character based and custom shaped USB drives have been around for some time, allowing people to carry a fun little character on a keyring, rather than the typical boring USB drive. USB Memory Direct agrees with this notion and has launched a Kickstarter to help fund the creation of Kaiju USB: GODAI Guardians. USB Memory Direct specializes in USB drives as promotional tools for companies, but also like to explore other creative ideas. Failing to receive funding for Kaiju USB through traditional funding methods, the Creative Director at USB Memory Direct Hector Franco, decided to take the idea to Kickstarter.
“I decided to go on Kickstarter because this is really a community product. I love these toys, the story, and the rich past they represent. But it means nothing if I can’t share it with a strong community of followers and supporters,” – Hector, Creative Director.
Not only is Hector trying to develop a cool collectible USB drive, Hector and his team are creating a complete storyline. Each of the Kaiju characters have a story and a purpose. A brief from the Kickstarter Page:
Welcome to the world of GODAI.
This galaxy is inhabited by creatures called Kaiju!
Planet Earth was formed from the GODAI– The 5 natural elements of the universe:
Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Void
These 5 elements created the world and then took the form of 4 Guardians (earth, water, fire, wind) and the Overseer (void).
Concept Drawings for GODAI Guardians - USB Memory Direct
Having already developed a working prototype for one of the characters, GODAI Chi, a fully funded Kickstarter will provide the means for the creation of prototypes and full production for all of the GODAI characters. The total funding goal is set to $25,000, hoping to be funded within a 30 day timeline.
Prototype of GODAI Chi - USB Memory Direct
With many different Reward levels available, from a $2 pledge for a Desktop Wallpaper, to a $240 Collect Them all Inferno Package, there is a reward level available for everyone. Early Backers can save some money by snagging one of the limited cheaper Reward Tiers, $20 for an 8GB Kaiju USB or $35 for a 16GB Kaiju USB. The Price for everyone after the Early Bird Tiers fill up are $25 and $40 respectively. This pricing is inline with many of the current character based USB Drives, however, if all goes well with this project, these Kaiju USB are going to have 3D features, as opposed to just paint.
As with all Kickstarters, money will not get transferred to USB Memory Direct until the end of the Kickstarter project and ONLY if the Kickstarter gets fully funded. For Kaiju USB, this means reaching the total amount of $25000. So check out the Kickstarter Video and head on over to the Kaiju USB: GODAI Guardians Kickstarter page to learn more about the project. Stay tuned for more info!

Unplugged custom by Creo Design

This is an official custom and is a 1/1 piece. Titled '5pm' this is Creo Designs take on Marks beautiful 'unplugged' design which metaphorically illustrates the daily grind that never stops and how you feel at the end of each day - worn-down and exhausted. Creo Design took this idea one step further by giving '5pm' a full rust patina to produce a unique rust effect. 

This is a 1/1 solid resin custom and stands over 25cm on a base. Priced at £500 (same as a standard unplugged model) with free international shipping

'5pm' will be released at 5pm GMT on the 15th March 2014 via

Anger Ink Custom Dunny Series by Zukaty

Anger Ink is a new 3" Dunny series from Zukaty, hand painted and sporting some very angry designs. Each figure comes signed and bagged with header art for $60.  They're available now at

-The Highest Fever

Plaseebo for The Crawling Dead show at TAG

The "Zombie Baby” is a one of a kind mash-up of the GID vinyl body from Miscreation Toys with a hand cast resin skull from Plaseebo. The skull has inset eyes and the body has been hand pierced and hand painted using Monster Kolor sprays. The figure also has 2 motion activated LED units with replaceable batteries and the body glows in the dark as well. Signed and dated 2014 by Bob.

Skull Crushers by Zukaty

Zukaty unveils 16 one-of-a-kind hand painted 3A Mini Berties in a series called Skull Crushers.  Each figure is available individually so you can pick the figure you want the most!  Each is attached to custom resin bases.  They're now available at for $20 each (that's a steal!) plus shipping and are signed and bagged with header art.

-The Highest Fever

Art Toy Starter Kits by Tenacious Toys

So after the success of our Lucky Bags and some constructive feedback from the community, I decided to offer a new type of package for those of you who don't like surprises: an "Art Toy Starter Kit."

Tenacious Toys Art Toy Starter Kits make a great introduction to the art toy collecting hobby. They make great gifts, or as your first art toy purchase. I've carefully selected a diverse group of toys to round out this Starter Kit, representing several different artists and manufacturers. Best of all, we're offering these Kits at a steep discount off the retail price.

Currently we have one kit available at the $45 price point which contains the following items:

▪ (1) 5" Mini Qee designed by Voltaire and produced by Toy2R (you get either the Sleezter or the Deady character)
▪ (1) 3" Crackal figure designed by Jonny Wan and produced by Dudebox
▪ (1) blind-boxed 3" Transformers figure produced by The Loyal Subjects (could be one of several different characters)
▪ (1) Exclusive Blue Bunnywith figure by Alex Pardee
▪ (1) 1.5" Punkstar Frenzies keychain produced by tokidoki
▪ (1) Exclusive white five-piece DIY OMFG figure set, containing designs from 5 different artists, and produced by October Toys

This kit has a retail value of $75+.