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February 28, 2014

Custom Star Wars R2D2 Mega Google Android by Evilos at Auction on eBay

 Look, I don't have to explain to you why this is awesome, OK? Go check out this eBay auction for my man Evilos' latest custom. Amazing work.

Custom Star Wars R2D2 Mega Google Android by Evilos Lights Sounds Remote First | eBay

Evilos has gone "Mega" on his latest custom creation, Mega Android that is. The worlds first custom using the new 9 3/4" Mega Android DIY Figure. He has gone to an all too familiar genre, Star Wars and recreated one of its beloved characters R2-D2. Weeks of painting, the figure is 100% airbrushed using a ton of 3D and masking airbrush techniques. But that's not all, the figure lights up and has sound! R2-D2 comes alive with use of an RF remote as Evilos has once again mashed paint with technology. The figure will be up for auction via Ebay starting Wednesday February 26th and will run ten days. Please see links before for more info on this one of a kind piece.   

Vinyl Fantasy 3 - We're Not Dun Yeti Coming March 8

Vinyl Fantasy is Vancouver, Canada's vinyl art & culture exhibition hosted at Metropolis Toys & Comics, and returns for its 3rd annual exhibition March 8th. Jonny & Metropolis have been the Vancouver area's lifeline for designer art & toy culture since the closure of Voltage, bringing in fun releases and hosting community events, for which we owe our thanks!

This year's Exhibition - "We're Not Dun Yeti" channels artists' creative spirits towards Yeti themed artworks. Exhibition pieces will be judged by resident Yeti (artwork) expert, JayJay Fool, and prizes awarded. Participating artists include:

Tasha Zimich, Sean Viloria, Chris Brett, Nena Nguyen, Soak, Kat Oughton, Dale Hall, Pinoy Console and more...

Here are some works-in-progress:

Vancouver-area residents are encouraged to join us March 8th at Metropolis Comics & Toys, 4735 Kingsway Street Across from Metrotown Mall, Burnaby, for exhibition reception and 20% off Vinyl Toys.

For more updates, follow Vinyl Fantasy on Facebook or RSVP to We're Not Dun Yeti Here.

Sir Ringo - Furry Feline Creatives x The Toy Chronicle for Toycon

Furry Feline Creatives and The Toy Chronicle have joined forces to release an exclusive plush for Toycon UK in April 12th, 2014.   Ringo enters royalty, bearing the Union Flag in front and a cape at the back with The Toy Chronicle's colourway. 100% handmade by Cheri Ong of Furry Feline Creatives, Ringo is available for £30.   
He look so cheerful! And you'll be full of cheer too when you pre-order your Ringo Here for pickup at ToyCon or shipping after the show. Ringo comes in limited quantities, so order before March 9th before he's gone for good.

Custom Fonzo by Sean Villoria

The first custom Fonzo from Sean Villoria, a very unique sculpting style!

Follow Sean Villoria here:

Baby Cthulhu Resin Kickstarter by Monster Mind Sculpts

Baby Cthulhu Resin figure by Monster Mind Sculpts

If the popularity of an idea is judged by the speed at which its Kickstarter is fully funded or the amount of money over the initial goal is received, then Baby Cthulhu by Monster Mind Sculpts is at the top of the heap. Just an hour after the Kickstarter went live it was fully funded, reaching its initial $3,500 goal.  With nineteen days to go Monster Mind Sculpts has collected over $18,000 dollars, more than five times its initial goal.  

Baby Cthulhus are 3.5" tall resin figures, sculpted by the amazingly talented Cassia Harries of Monster Mind Sculpts and cast by the equally amazing Task One.

While almost everything above the $35 pledge level is gone (at the time of writing, there is one $45 pledge left featuring a glow-in-the-dark version*) you can still get in on the DIY Baby Cthulhu, keychains, stickers, postcards or even a wallpaper.

-The Highest Fever

*I'm strongly considering bumping my pledge up and nabbing that $45 spot.

Latest works Don P

Loads of customs from Don P....

GIVEAWAY: Toy Fair Exclusive Maisto 1:64-scale Corvettes

Every year at Toy Fair, in addition to meeting with reps, placing orders and talking toy business, we wander around and collect free samples from the companies that we personally enjoy but do not do business with on a wholesale level. For me personally, that means visiting all the die-cast car manufacturers. 1:64-scale cars like Hot Wheels and Matchbox were the first items I began collecting, and I mean EARLY. Super early. The story goes that my mom potty-trained me one day by promising me a Hot Wheels car if I used the potty.

Upon successful completion of my end of the bargain, my mom placed a frantic call to my dad to instruct him to pick up a Hot Wheels car on his way home from work.

Needless to say, I've been pooping in the toilet and collecting die-cast cars ever since.

Anyway, back to Toy Fair. Every year Maisto has a cool Toy Fair exclusive vehicle to give away, and this year I grabbed a few of these Corvettes. Since we get them for free, it's only right that I give them away.

I sent one to my man Rich for an unboxing video, the other 3 I am going to give away right here on this blog.

The rules are extremely simple: to enter you must leave a comment under this blog post telling us what your favorite 1:64-scale vehicle is: brand, which vehicle, and year released if you know it. That's it! 

Contest runs from NOW until Saturday March 8, 2014. 3 winners will be picked randomly from the comments below. Contest is open to ANYONE worldwide. I'll ship the Corvette to the winners no matter where you are. Good luck!

By the way, sometimes in contests I pick winners and then I can't get in touch with them to arrange the shipment. Make sure you're either available on G+ via email, or you check back here on March 9 and look at the end of the comments. I'll announce the winners both IN this blog post as an update at the bottom below the close-up image below, AND in the comments section via my own comment.

Dunny Addicts: Preview: 7.5" SkullBomb by Jason Freeny

 Reblogged from the Dunny Addicts blog cuz it's awesome:

Perry the Sea Wanderer Resin Figure by Plastic Culture

Introducing the new 9-inch resin Perry the Sea Wanderer figure! This piece was sculpted by Win Satrya, duplicated and painted by Little Giant and produced by Plastic Culture. And because you are readin my blog, you can get yourself $10 off!

Use the code TENACIOUS on the product during checkout and a USD$10 discount will be applied.

Only three available to purchase here.

Doc W. Curren by Rocketboy

Rockeyboy made this excellent Munny for the Art Without Borders Show 2014. Love the medic design!

Follow Rocketboy here: