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February 26, 2014

Iron Legions Kickstarter Project!‏

My name is Andrew Yang and I started a new toy Kickstarter project. Iron Legions is a series of sci-fi mech toys where you assemble and customize units. Each piece has a set of standardized joints which allows you to swap weapons and features between units! Originally I was designing these toys as a hobby with 3d printing but now it's time to move to the next stage into production.

The first two mechs for the Kickstarter project are the Orthrus artillery quadruped and Paladin mecha. While the current pictures are 3d printed protoypes, the goal of the project is to have them produced in injection mold plastic!

Check out the project here! and FB page:

Latest Munny from MaloApril

Have to say this style never bores me. I personally love the eyes extremely. The total piece has a production look, amazing clean lines.

Follow MaloApril here::
Instagram: @maloapril
      - Don P

REVIEW: Angry Woebots Camo Backpack by FLABSLAB

Angry Woebots Camo Backpack by FLABSLAB
Le Fucker and I became friends on Facebook a while back, but his company FLABSLAB only really crept onto my radar when I saw a shot of this backpack he produced for Angry Woebots. I dig camo, and the use of Woes' signature panda in a camo pattern is so bad-ass, it just stuck in my mind. FLABSLAB! How could you forget that name? He's got some other awesome apparel products as well that he puts put under his own name. Really, a guy with a lot going on, fingers in a lot of different projects at once. Like my Singapore brother from another mother!

Look at all those pockets! Love the inner pockets!

Anyway, my sample Woes pack arrived JUST in time for me to bring it to the New York Toy Fair. When you go to Toy Fair, it's sort of like hiking in the mountains for 4 days- you need comfortable footwear, smart clothing choices, food and water, and a large bag to store the stuff you collect as you walk around. When this bag arrived- and it was bigger than I expected at 17 inches tall and 11 inches wide- I was so psyched! I had my Toy Fair bag.

Steph and I are bag collectors. We have a variety of Jansport, Oakley, Dakine, Tumi, The North Face, Cabela's bags and several others. She doesn't carry a handbag, she likes technical backpacks. She's currently carrying a Deuter Speed Lite 10 in black. Bags are serious business to both of us, so this is a review that I don't take lightly, nor will I bullshit you in any way... this is easily my favorite backpack in a large collection of awesome bags. You can see above that the straps are wide and thick, very confortable to wear all day long.

The bag is nice and flexible and lightweight for such a big bag- here I am at the Zing booth shooting a suction-cup arrow with no problem while wearing the Woes pack.

The large main inner sleeve pocket is padded for your ipad or laptop, and the bag is voluminous enough to swallow up our full-sized DSLR camera with ease, plus more.

I wore this backpack for 4 full days at Toy Fair with absolutely no discomfort.

Thick metal zipper pulls are easy to grab, and there's even a top-side zippered pocket to keep your wallet or sunglasses safe and easily accessible (above).

It's even great for skateboarding!

Here I am at the Mimoco booth, talking shop. As you can see, I have stuffed the bag full at this point.
I don't even have to get into the cool factor of rocking such a recognizable and limited-edition bag- literally everyone I saw at Toy Fair (and that's a lot of very talented designers and artists) wanted one for themselves. That's saying something.

The price is $120 each and they are produced in extremely limited quantities, so chances are, you'll never see another human being wearing one (unless you're at a con where Woes is appearing...). The price about on par with Oakley's backpacks and way less than any Tumi bag, and way more special and rare.

US customers will be able to find this backpack at the following locations:

You could also order through me. If I collect 6+ orders, I can import a case of them to NYC. Email me if you're interested.

Customers in Asia and any other country (beside the US) can order these packs directly from FLABSLAB by emailing them here. They will provide a ship quote.

And finally, if you are not yet familiar with the Singapore-based FLABSLAB brand, go check their website. Tons of cool apparel, prints, paintings and exclusive toys on there.

Make sure you follow FLABSLAB and Angry Woebots on Facebook too.

- Benny

Custom of the Month (The Customizers FB-group)

The custom of the past month of The Customizer group on Facebook is...
customizer Mike Vetrone

Absolutely love the depth of this custom. This Munny is 7 inch tall and currently for sale for 300 dollars. Go fast to his facebookpage and hit him up!

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Vinyl Riot x Frank Montano Dunny series

A must have series...

We have team up with the amazing Frank Montano to release an exclusive custom Dunny series titled "BlizzardBeast: Wiseguy Series". This series consists of 5 individual blind bagged dunny's. Each custom Dunny is $80 and comes with a BlizzardBeast pin. They will be available this Thursday February 27th at 3pm EST. Grab these guys here.