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February 20, 2014

Infinite Rabbit's custom madness!

Exremely love the use of sculpt and colors of this artist. He simply brings you in a dreamworld with these customs!

Here's an update with some of the customs that I've been working at the end of 2013 and early 2014. Some of them are available in my online store ( A few others are currently at Espionage Gallery, in the "Around the World in 80 Toys" show (

The custom Foomi uses a resin mask designed for Vinyl Thoughts by Forces of Dorkness. ( The "broken" Blue Mask Munny borrows his design, but was sculpted by me.

I've also (finally!) started working on a website: More updates to come, though I'm pretty busy with customs and art at the moment!

"C. Willard" - 7" Foomi & "Romeo 13" - 7" Munny

"Dr. Squidclops" - Mini Mugg & "Kid Triton" - Kidrobot 'Bot

"EO13 Munny" - 4" Munny & "EO13 Trikky" - 4" Trikky

"Drip Droid" - Android Mini

SNEAK PEEK VIDEO: Hazarai- it's like Pinterest for Geeks

Our friends at Hazarai! have been working like busy little beavers on the new version of their website. The user interface will feel familiar. I've already got an account there and they are super easy to set up if you don't have an account already- just click here. Check the video:

Biggie custom Dunny by JPK

This artist has some serious skills, but we already know that lol! An amazingly painted 3 inch Dunny. Not easy to get this sculpt done.

It's a Biggie Smalls Dunny custom, a private commission and the theme (Biggie's "Ready To Die" album cover but with a more recognisable/adult Biggie head) was requested by the customer. There's a fair bit of sculpting on this little guy to have him in his seated position. - Jon-Paul Kaiser

Follow Jon-Paul Kaiser here: