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February 11, 2014

Kickstarter - Game Frame: The Art of Pixels by Jeremy Williams

Most people of my generation are familiar with 8 and 16 bit gaming consoles. These video game artists didn't have nearly the technology available to artists today. Creating characters with graphite and graph paper, these artists were even limited in which colors he/she could use. This didn't stop these artists from creating iconic characters, which span several generations and genres.
Close-up photograph
Close up of Pixel Mesh of the Game Frame - By Jeremy Williams

Pixel art is a kind of representation of those old school gaming console technology, when resolution limited an artists ability to create a dynamic image. This art, according to Jeremy Williams, deserves it's own frame. Thus, he created Game Frame and eventually launched a Kickstarter to fund this great project. Having already surpassed his Project goal of $15,000, Game Frame is going to be made and possibly more.
Game Frame on a desk - By Jeremy Williams

I first found out about the Game Frame while watching the 24 hours of Tested podcast (similar to 24 Hour Toybreak, they raise money to help keep the content going). At the time, Jeremy had only made a few of these Game Frames and with all of the positive reactions received, Jeremy decided to launch a Kickstarter to make it available to the masses. With the project ending on March 9th, there is still a lot of time for anyone interested in backing this great project. Check out the video above and head on over the the Kickstarter page. Game Frame combines cool electronics and art.

Klang Customs Galore by Darren Clegg

Darren Clegg, of Klang Customs, completed a few customs that are currently available on the Collect and Display online store. The first is a custom 3" Dunny titled "What Lies Beneath". This custom features a sculpted island and person, which sits as a hat on top of a Sea monsters head. A great idea that is cleverly sculpted, on such a small 3" Dunny base. Priced at 35 GBP plus shipping, this is a nice custom for our friends across the pond. US collectors should also keep in mind that Collect and Display does ship internationally.
 These next three custom dunnys were artist collaborations.

 First up is the Stupid Zombie. This little guy wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed and even as a zombie, things aren't going much better. Instead of chasing the living, trying to feast on some brains, he spends most of his time chewing on his own. Priced at 35 GBP, this Stupid Zombie custom dunny features a lot of sculpting and some okay paint application.
The Demon Banker is the demon which sits on the shoulder of bankers around the world. To avoid competition, this Demon ate the angel which sat on the shoulders of bankers. This custom 3" dunny is also priced at 35 GBP and features some nice sculpting.
The Dunny Eater feasts on dunnys by meandering about, hoping to bump into it's next meal. This 3" custom Dunny has a lot of sculpting detail and utilizes the original dunny's production paint application to pull of the correct feel of it being eaten. Be sure to check out more pictures on the Dunny Eater product page. Just like the others, this dunny is priced at 35 GBP.

From the Game of Thrones, Tyrion Lannister is the 3rd child of Tywin and Joanna. For those who follow Game of Thrones, this custom 4" Munny is heavily sculpted to represent Tyrion. The custom munny comes with a base, a few stones and a Flag with the coat of arms. Priced at 80 GBP, this custom Tyrion munny is great for any Game Of Thrones fan.

All of these customs are available for purchase through Collect and Display but are shipped from the artist Darren Clegg. Check it out and be sure to follow Darren on various social media.

Ringu - Custom Deadbeets by Skinner

Artist Skinner has customized two Deadbeets, in a black and white fashion, aptly titled "Ringu". For those who don't know, the American movie "The Ring", is based on a Japanese movie titled "Ringu". Skinner took the colors from the movie and created a nice custom Deadbeet adaptation. Each are bagged and feature a custom header card, of course, created by Skinner. One of these customs was made available, for $160 plus shipping, on the Urban Vinyl Daily online store. While the second custom was made for Mr. Scott Tolleson. Congrats to the lucky collector who was able to snag this custom.


Feb 13th will see the release in 3AVOX's ongoing MARVEL line!

The Stark Industries Prototype Single (3AA Members Only), Stealth  and the Iron Man Boxed Collection 4-Figure Set are exclusive to Bambaland. As a side note, the shipping version of Stealth Iron Man will have red eyes, not blue like the images show!
**Single Figure version of the Stark Industries Prototype is available to 3AA Members only**
Non-3AA Members can only get the Stark Industries Prototype by purchasing the Boxed Collection 4-Figure Set.


February 13th, 2014 at 9:00am Hong Kong time
Only at Bambaland Store
Event page located here (allows you to sync the sale time to your Google Calendar or iCalendar)


Figure stands 13.5 inches (34cm) tall
Fully-poseable with soft PVC material covering both arms & legs
Eyes, chest & both palms light up
6 x AG1 button cell batteries required (batteries are not included)
Estimate shipping date: 3rd quarter 2014



Classic - $220
Silver Centurion Single Figure - $220
Bambaland Exclusive - Stealth - $220
Bambaland Exclusive - Stark Industries Prototype (3AA Members Only) - $220

THE INVINCIBLE IRON MAN - Boxed Collection 4-Figure Set

Bambaland Exclusive - Boxed Collection 4-Figure Set - $800

Hit the Jump to see al the versions in various action poses.

8-inch custom Henna Qee by VISEone

This gorgeous 8-inch "Henna Qee" by VISEone looks deep enough to dive in! Man, that's some super gloss:

While I'm currently working on several projects I can show you a new Qee I made in cooperation with Carbotaurus. Here I mixed a high glossy brown metallic effect paint with watertransfer technique to apply the pattern.

While the purple Qee (see last newsletter) got sold immediately last month this one here is still available for € 160,- including shipping worldwide. 

To purchase this or any other piece by VISEone, click here to go to his Contact page.

Toygodd's Photographic Coverage of the Dark Invasion show at ToyArtGallery

Yugla the Glorg 6 by Scarecrowoven at TAG
My friend Toygodd hit up TAG the other day for the Dark Invasion show (flyer below) featuring a metric assload of awesome pieces by some of the edgiest artists working in the toy genre today.

Click here to visit Toygodd's column on Aaction Figure Times to view over 100 images from the Dark Invasion show.

RELOADED: Bomba Series 1 by MuerToys up now on Kickstarter

The Bomba figures, created by Matthew Ray, are very cute miniature resin bomb figures measuring 3.75" long. I see them as a natural progression of the cute weapons concepts of Frank Kozik (the Mini Bombs by Toy2R) and Mr. Shane Jessup (the blind-box keychain series by Kidrobot). And, I'm sure not coincidentally, they are shaped very much like a cartoony "Fat Man" bomb, which was the nuclear bomb dropped on Nagasaki.

War sucks, and I love Japan, so I like the idea of shedding a bit of that stigma by flipping the bomb imagery around and repurposing it for something less morally offensive than nuclear war. To that end, the series includes several happy, brightly-colored designs.

At the same time, I feel one of the most effective designs in this series is the one that looks sad- it's called ShellShock, limited to just 100 pieces. This one reminds us of the horrors of war and the psychological battle that must rage inside one's head when carrying out a mission as heavy as the nuclear bombing missions. ShellShock is available at the $53 pledge level- it's handpainted, numbered and signed. 

ShellShock is just one of many designs available. See the rest here. There are lower-cost pledge levels such as a smaller $12 Mini Bomba keychain and a 3.75" DIY white Bomba for $18. All prices include domestic shipping. International backers have to pay a few bucks more.

I must say, examining these figures has gotten me to thinking more about these toys as a political and psychological statement, which gives them value above and beyond the aesthetic. They made me think. And that is something really valuable these days, especially with the big companies mentioned above pumping out vapid, superficial products with no deeper meaning.

These are ART toys, after all. I want to see the art in them. I want to feel something. I want the object to spur discussion. These Bomba figures do just that.