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January 28, 2014

Monstermatic - An app by Mico Studios

With 3D printing technology advancing and becoming more attainable to the everyday user, companies are making it easier to design and create unique characters at the touch of a screen. Monstermatic is a 3D printing App that has recently been released, which allows users to customize and design unique characters. Currently only available for iOS devices(iPhone and iPad), Monstermatic allows a user to design a character, using built-in options. Everything from the head style, hand coloring, types of feet(shoes) and even the overall color applications can be customized, which allows for a huge range of possible outcomes.

3D printing is changing the world and democratizing the act of creation. With the release of Monstermatic on the App Store anybody can become part of the revolution and experience firsthand the power of this incredible technology. 

Monstermatic is a free app that inspires kids of all ages to engage in creative play. It provides a quick, fun and easy way to design monsters and unleash them into the world through 3D printing technology. 

  • Interact with 10 animated monsters, each with a unique personality and swappable parts.
  • Take pictures using Augmented Reality Technology.
  • Share your creations through social media.
  • Draw on your monster.
  • Send your creation to 3D printing and receive your figurine by mail a few days later.
 Monstermatic is available for free for a limited time on the App Store (
The main feature of the Monstermatic App is the ability to make a custom 2D creation, into a 3D printed tangible figure. The price point of the print is a bit steep for a 2" printed figure, currently listed at $25.95, which gives the customer a 3D print of the created figure, in one of 3 poses. The app itself is easy to use, since most of it is visual. There are currently a few bugs, which make the app seem unresponsive, but users could have better luck on newer devices.
Overall, Monstermatic is a nice app, that is currently free to download and play around with. Some minor bugs should be fixed in the future, but nothing that prevents the user from creating a custom creature. If you have an iOS device, download the app and give it whirl. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Mystical Warriors of the Ring wrestling-themed mini figures by Fantastic Plastic

Introducing Mystical Warriors of the Ring, produced in the same factory as October Toys' O.M.F.G. figures. These ultra detailed 2" scaled mini figures are a new product from the partnership between Fantastic Plastic Toys and True Cast Studio (prototypers for NECA and Sideshow Collectibles).

Available previously only in Limited Edition Urethane, late last year they made the jump to more affordable PVC.

Currently 5 colors are available on their website for an affordable $9.00 per pack (Glow in the Dark pictured below is $10). They also have a Black retail exclusive at Jay's CD and Hobby (

Mystical Warriors of the Ring will be touring the USA in 2014 with the first stops being Kansas City's Planet Comicon in March and Chicago's mega convention C2E2 in April. There will be an exclusive colorway at each show (colorways not yet announced).

Mystical Warriors of the Ring figures are supported by a line of comic books, and there have been discussions of future animation and video games. So if you like Wrestling and if you like mini figures, this line is right up your alley.

MegaSeth Love Monster Edition by Lisa Rae Hansen for Super Series Sundays
Introducing MegaSeth: Love Monster edition! This rockin dude wears his heart and his love for pit bulls on his... sleeve... er, OK the front of his shirt. But you know what I mean.

After selling out of the NYCC Exclusive MegaSeths pretty darn fast last October, we asked Lisa Rae Hansen (ibreaktoys) to make us another run. MegaSeth is a 6" resin sculpt that comes bagged and tagged with a header card, along with a button and a mini print. A great package for only $60.

Lisa Rae made us 8 exclusive Love Monster MegaSeths, painting our pit bull Love Monster onto the front of each figure. A truly unique, Tenacious-centric exclusive!

MegaSeth Love Monster edition figures will be available this Sunday February 2nd at 6PM EST on our Super Series Sundays page. ROCK ON!