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January 24, 2014

Jelly Empire Jellyzillas Drop January 25

From out of the confines of The Jelly Empire march an adorable array of Jellyzilla- part robot, and part. Tomorrow, January 25th, these cute little forces to be reckoned with will be available Here at 1PM EST for $40ea.

For more from Jellyzilla, check out their website here.

Graffiti Anatomy - German Cap - by Creo Design

After the sell out success of Creo Design's first solo art piece he has been work at full speed to bring you his latest creation - Graffiti Anatomy

Forget about Grey's Anatomy, Creo brings to life a concept born from streets. For years graffiti artist have been producing mind-blowing murals and canvas using their preferred spray can as an extension of their own body rather than a painting medium. Every artist has his or her own preferred choice of can but have you ever wondered what is hidden beneath the cold aluminium case? Manufactures insist that you should never pierce or dismantle the can regardless if it is empty or not. Wise words indeed because when Creo's curiosity took over and he opened his last empty spray can he couldn't believe what he discovered inside. Beneath the cold aluminium 'skin' lies a full spinal cord and skull 'cap'. 

Spray cans are living objects brought to life in an artists hands.The myths of steel ball bearings used to mix the paint are bogus - when you shake the can it is the vertebrae knocking together that makes the can rattle, wakening the can to life and producing the beautiful stream of paint when pressing the cap.

Creo has captured his discovery with the 100% original handmade resin sculpture that is fitted with a 'German Cap' and is limited to 10pcs world wide. Standing over 12" tall with a 360 degree rotating cap and magnetic articulation in the jaw. As always Creo will allow customers to customise their purchase. Customers are allowed to select 2 paint colours for the body from over 250 colour choices. One is for the main body and cap the second is for the paint splatter effect - customers can choose not to have the paint splatter option. AND customers can choose a 3rd colour from 40 options for the cap 'eye' and teeth. Again customers can choose to have their Graffiti Anatomy as 1 solid colour. They can also be finished in either a matt or gloss lacquer. Each item will be signed and numbered and come in a wooden presentation box.

Orders will be taken via at 9pm GMT on the 22nd Janruary 2014. Each item will be made to order and take 4 weeks to complete from date of order. The RRP is £150 ex shipping (around $250 ex shipping) - shipping is done via courier due to size, weight.

Superdeux Mood Palmer vinyl toys

Mood Palmer... a new collection of vinyl toys designed by Sebastien Roux aka Superdeux.

Previously featured in art shows around the world, Mood Palmer makes a triumphant return in 2014 with a brand new run of exclusive vinyl toys 100% produced by the artist himself. The limited series features Mood Palmer in three bold styles – the Original Mood Palmer Blue or Magenta, as well as one- of-a-kind custom-painted characters. Custom pieces are limited to 100 signed + numerated toys, each individually painted by hand at the Secret Feature studio in San Francisco.

Who is Mood Palmer? Mood Palmer is a doer. He doesn’t waste time speaking and lets his hands do the talking. The series captures the spirit of Mood Palmer as he is in 2014. Independently developed and designed entirely by Superdeux, Mood Palmer is the reflection of a can-do, the DIY attitude.

Limited Edition of 100 Original Mood Palmer Blue, 100 Original Mood Palmer Magenta, and 100 custom hand-painted pieces. Characters measure 5” each and range in price from US$49-89.

Available for purchase exclusively at:

Playge Misfortune Cat New Year edition

Playge Misfortune Cat 'New Year'
I love these things. Love love love. Here's the release details (no, Tenacious Toys won't be able to get these):
  • Vinyl And ABS
  • Edition of 150.
  • $85 USD Includes worldwide shipping.
The release is set for MONDAY, JAN 27, 12:00 noon central time. Available on >>

SNEAK PEEK: Freak Store is rolling out Fonzo World clothing line

How cool is this? Freak Store rules. Not much info yet, but you can bookmark the following link: