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January 23, 2014

Quasimoto Resin 3" Dunny - by Melodreama

After a successful release of a custom Quasimoto Dunny, Melodreama decided to do a slightly bigger run of 5 hand painted Resin Bootleg Quasimoto Dunnys. I am referring to these as Bootleg Dunnys because these pieces are a complete resin duplicate of an original custom, rather than just a partial resin piece. A whole debate could be had over the term bootleg, with regards to Resin but lets leave that for another day. Either way, these pieces sold out just as quickly as the original piece. In order to accommodate the increased interest in these pieces, Melodreama has decided to open up a Pre-order for all those interested in picking up one of these Quasimoto Resin Dunnys. Priced at $45 each, plus shipping, the price could be a bit lower, considering. Anyone who is interested in picking up one of these Quasimoto Resin Dunnys, should do so now, since there is no word of how many plan to be made.

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Silver Micro MADL 3D Print - by MAD Toy Design

Group of Silver Micro MADLs - MAD Toy Design
MAD, from MAD Toy Design, is having some fun with the new 3D Printer. The latest edition of Micro MADLs to be released is a Silver ABS Micro MADL. Like the previously released colors, the Silver Micro MADL retails for $15 each plus shipping and comes bagged with a signed header card. MAD still has some Blue GID Micro MADLs in the store also, so take a look around. Keep in mind that MAD loves all the colors of the rainbow, so be on the lookout for more colors in the future.
Front of Silver Micro MADL - MAD Toy Design
 Something else MAD teased lately was this picture seen on his FB page:
Micro Modern Heros - MAD Toy Design
These Micro Modern Heros is going to make a great addition to anyone's mini-fig collection.

Flawtoys Al-Kimia Android Series Coming To VinylRiot

Alchemy may be considered a defunct science, but Flawtoys puts it to use on a series of Al-kimia Androids. 

" "Al-kimia" is the Mystical Essence of the Sacred Art of Alchemy; Alchemists developed theories on the possibility of the transmutation of metals, the philosopher's stone, and creating artificial life in laboratories, as in later medieval European alchemy."

This series of 5 custom androids, featuring sculpting, cutouts, and metallic finishes, releases on January 29th at 3PM EST.