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January 11, 2014

Booty Babe Kickstarter

"Booty Babe Art(TM) is one man’s way of expressing his passion for fantasy art, toys, fashion design, and of course the wonderful variety of female beauty. In effect the project is a tribute to the women that make our day, taking the very definition of “Booty Babe” to new levels..." 

After ten years of working as a Toy Designer in Los Angeles, Spencer Davis combined all that he is passionate about a waged his own path. Since then he has realized dreams of self-employment, constructed an office / work space, and over the years has managed to produce and sell over 10,000 of his voluptuous creations.  Surviving challenges of recession, skyrocketing costs of production, and family life, check out his progress as he wraps up the final few days of his Kickstarter campaign, with hopes of producing a 20' shipping container filled with 5 NEW Booty Babe statues to choose from.
The Kickstarter has already reached it's goal which means that the items are guaranteed. In addition they have reached their first stretch goal and are only $700 shy of the next stretch goals. THese are beautifully designed and crafted sculptures and the rewards are amazing. They even include tiers where you can get your own likeness sculpted as a booty babe. Check out the Kickstarter and follow Booty Babe on Facebook.

U wanna be in my gang? 3AA!

Its that time of year again, if your a fan of threeA.

15th January 2014 is the date you are able to renew or start your 3AA membership.

The long awaited 1/6 Lasstranaut is included, I'm sure 2014 will break records for threeA membership.

There is toooooo much info to get across, so Ive just cut and paste from the official info I got through, but enjoy some images first!

Official info...

3AA 2014 Membership Set featuring the long-awaited Lasstranaut 1/6th Scale Figure from Ashley Wood's Popbot Series. Without a doubt the 2014 3AA membership set is the best yet, from the long awaited Lasstranaut figure to the beautiful packaging design, it sums up 3A's completely!

3AA has always been special to us, its the clarion call to the Legion, from the first set with the 1/12th Bramble its has been a point of pride and love for where we have been and where we are going!

Join us in 2014, we can all hang out together with WWR, POPBOT, ADVENTURE KARTEL, ISOBELLE PASCHA, EVENFALL and many more ORIGINAL worlds!  And lets not forget the Ashley Wood redesign of MARVEL characters! We also have a many surprises along the way from Ashley Wood and other fantastic designers/artists!

  • 3AA 2014 Lasstranaut Membership Set: 200USD ( 170usd for 2013 3AA members after current discount )
  • Access to special KLUB collections such as TLKLUB etc
  • All 3AA 2014 exclusives and KLUB releases will be limited one per customer. Excluding the current TKLUB TQ sale started in 2013.
  • 15% off all sales at and conventions or shows where 3A has an official booth.
  • Special 3AA version for every major release ( not including KLUB releases ), may include different head, clothes, weapons, 1:1 tshirt etc
  • 24 hour buying window for any 3AA exclusive or 3AA variant.

  • 1/6th Scale Lasstranaut Collectible Figure from Ashley Wood’s Popbot Series. Not to be re-released in any other colorway.
  • 3AA 2014 Membership Card.
  • Lasstranaut Art Book (12” x 12”, Softcover, 32 pages).
  • White T-Shirt with Lasstranaut Design & Illustration on Front and Back (XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL).
  • Vellum Top Sheet with Lasstranaut Painting by Ashley Wood (approx. 17.5” x 17.5”).
  • Lithograph with Lasstranaut Painting by Ashley Wood (approx. 17.5” x 17.5”).
  • Illustrated Box Set Containing All Contents Listed Above.

  • For all of the 3AA Members that have been with us for all the past six years - when you purchase the 2014 set, we're including something extra as a special thank you for your support and loyalty from the beginning.
  • Everything from the main 3AA Set listed above is included, plus Lasstranaut's Long Lost Space Garb - One of four random designs in a stylish box.

Thanks for reading

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