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January 10, 2014

Pope Solo by Forces of Dorkness drops this Sunday

The Final Chapter in the Forceolicism Series by Forces of Dorkness: Pope Solo

This Super Series Sunday, January 12th, we release the third and final resin figure in the Forceolicism series by our friend and associate Scott Kinnebrew aka Forces of Dorkness.

Pope Solo is a 4.5 inch tall resin sculpt featuring Harrison Ford's Han Solo mashed up with the Pope, complete with Han's blaster and the Pope's mitre. Scott Kinnebrew made 15 of each colorway: White (standard) and Black (variant).

Each piece is priced at $40 and blind-bagged. Customers purchasing 2 figures are GUARANTEED to get one black and one white figure. Pope Solo drops on the Super Series Sundays page at 6PM EST on Sunday January 12th.

Hindrance of a Whisper - Matt A* x RSIN collaboration 
Matt A* has teamed up with Rsin to produce a great painted original sculpture being named "Hindrance of a Whisper". Artist Matt A*, Matt Anderson, is a fantastic sculptor, however, he is colorblind. This leads to a lot of created pieces being a bit color muted. Enter Matt's friend and artist, Rsin. Rsin has become great with a color palette, having come a long way from sticker applications.
Standing a good 12 inches, Matt A* created the original sculpture and Rsin created the base, while also painting the entire piece. Rsin was able to bring Matt's sculpture to life by using one side of the color spectrum. With a lot of yellow and orange in this piece, it would have been great to see a bit contrast with color from the blue spectrum. Overall, Hindrance of a Whisper is a great collab piece and hopefully just the start of some future Matt A* collabs.

Hindrance of a Whisper is available now on Matt A*'s online store, for $500 plus shipping. Be sure to follow both of these amazing artists on various social media.

The Drones Blindboxed Dunny series by TheGiven

Tactical Aerial Drone
Ground Support Drone

The Drones is a new blindboxed Dunny series by South African artist TheGiven.  The set features 10 custom Dunnys, 5 "Tactical Aerial Drones" and 5 "Ground Support Drones".  They are currently only available to buys in South Africa.

You can see the full set and pick them up here.

-The Highest Fever

1000Toys...... Ready?

Not much is known about this new company in the 1/6 world (founded in early 2012), they have a Facebook page and only today just launched their official website - 1000Toys

It seems the company has 2 people at the helm, Design is Tsutomu Nihei and Production is Yuta Tobari, some may recognise the name Tsutomu Nihei - creator of awesome manga Blame! Ive also spoken with Yuta a few times and seems his plans for 1000Toys are game changing.

Why game changing?? Well please take a look at these 1/6 bodies that are not far from production and we can see that we are looking into the future of 1/6 articulated bodies.

I bet you the major players will want to take a close look at the engineering thats gone into this, just to a see how they accomplished the amazing articulation. 

As I mentioned, the official site is up an running but the sale of these bodies don't have a date yet, retail price is $120.00USD - they are as yet not offering these to dealers so the only way to get hold of one is through the official website.

I for one is looking forward to getting hold of a few!

ALSO - 1000Toys will be at the Clash of the Titans show I previously wrote about, so check them out this weekend.

Thanks for reading

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