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January 8, 2014

Modern Hero "Blackout" Edition by MAD

The latest edition of MAD's Modern Hero figure is the "Blackout" edition. Exclusive to MAD's online store, this edition is limited to 100 pieces. The figure stands 6" tall, with the hat on, and comes with a variety of different accessories. Packaged in a deluxe foam padded box, this is the third available colorway of MAD's Modern Hero figure. Since the figure comes directly from the artist, MAD, the figures come signed, unless otherwise requested. This is such a great piece, which contains some good use of contrasting blacks, utilizing a matte and glossy finish. Like the Grey and Skelecon edition before this, the Blackout edition retails for $65 plus shipping.

 Let the MAD collection grow!

New Works from Carson Catlin Lolligag, Labbit and More

Carson Catlin has been cutting it up- the vinyl that is, and shares with us new pieces for upcoming shows. Carson contributes "Reticu-lloli", pictured above and below,  for Toy Art Gallery's Vive La Lolligag. Reticu-Lloli has an antiqued finish, making the darker shadowed areas of many smaller cuts stand out. Reticu-Lloli will be available through Toy Art Gallery for $200, inquire for purchase.

Carson also contributes "RWB" - red, white & black Munny to Menace Inc. Studio's Childish Playthings. Red, white & black is a colour palette Carson shows interest in continuing to explore, and with each colour having unique emotional or thematic connotations, I'm interested to see where Carson takes it.

Carson also shares with us a commissioned piece recently completed. "Cadela Metal" was completed over the course of 8-9 months, and incorporates copper wire.

For more of Carson's work, follow his Facebook and Instagram @carsoncatlin