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November 5, 2014

David Stevenson Custom Art Sale

David Stevenson has announced that he'll be marking down his customs 25% for a Winter sale from now until December 12th.  Below is a list of the customs he has for sale and their sale prices.  Now's a great time to pick up one (or a bunch) of  his great artwork for your collection.  You can see more detailed pictures of the figures at his Facebook page.  You can contact him there if you're interested in a piece, or email him.

7" dude box dudes(3), scratch and ted were £90 each, NOW £67.50 each
7" Custom stranger was £90, NOW £67.50
7" Tricky was £90, NOW £67.50
7" Black and white Jungle Munny was £90, NOW £67.50
6" Fonzo Was £90, NOW £67.50
4" Trunks jogging elephants (3) were £30 each, NOW £22.50 each
3" Dudebox Dudes in suits (3) were £30 each, NOW £22.50 each
3" Blue Jungle Dunny was £25, NOW £18.75
3" Jungle Egg Qee was £20, NOW £15
4" Munny Zombies (2) were £60 each, NOW £45 each
3" Munny Zombies (3) were £40 each, NOW £30 each
4" Floral Munnys (2) were £45 each, NOW £33.75 each
4" Jungle Munnys (2) were £45 each, NOW £33.75 each
4" Skull Munny and Doodle Munny were £30 each, NOW £22.50 each 

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