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November 28, 2014

Blazon Brikhaus — Baby Timber now up for sale

Liz writes:  This adorable Baby Timber "Groot" is a resin piece casted and molded from an original Sculpture. He Stands 7' T x 4" W and holds an adorable blazon flower bud. Instead of going with the typical baby groot in a pot I thought it would be cute to create him as a mini version of his larger self. As with any original sculpts or customs, there are always slight imperfections and each one may vary slightly since they are all painted individually and by hand. It's a great value for it's size and paintwork. I intentionally made this first resin release affordable and attainable. If this first release goes well, my goal is to continue to create original sculptures and future resin releases, as original sculptures can be labor intensive and expensive for collectors.

Click here to order the Blazon Brikhaus — Baby Timber


I get a lot of cool emails from a lot of companies, so I thought I'd share a collection of sweet Black Friday deals by a bunch of different companies that I like:
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Custom Miscreation Toys Gergle Autopsy Baby! — Small Angry Monster

NEW IN STOCK: Custom Autopsy Baby painted by Small Angry Monster!

This project was executed using automotive primer, Wargames Foundry and Games Workshop acrylic paints and washes, and gloss varnish. The piece has been sealed with a brush on matte varnish.  The platform used was the NYCC 2014 Gergle Autopsy Baby.

Stay tuned for MANY more pieces by Small Angry Monster in our shop!

original blog post here on the SAM website:
Custom Miscreation Toys Gergle Autopsy Baby! — Small Angry Monster

Visit the Small Angry Monster page on Tenacious Toys here.

Joker custom Wandering Misfit by The Modelmaker

Love it when someone uses an unexpected platform for a character like this,

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November 27, 2014

Rivalry by Wetworks

Two stunning custom Omens. Love the simplicity of these ones. Quality work!

Follow Wetworks here:

Custom of the Month (The Customizers FB-group)

The custom of the past month (November) of The Customizer group on Facebook is...
"Space Pirate and Parrot"
customizer: Lee Sierra

Excellent combination of a 7 inch Bot and a 3 inch Dunny!

Follow Lee Sierra here:

November 18, 2014

Exhibition of Painted Subway Trains Opens November 22 in Grand Central Terminal

Bigshot Toyworks and PIQ Products present All City Style: The Grand Slam, an art show of one-of-a-kind custom painted All City Style subway train models. The Grand Slam opens on November 22, 2014 at 4PM in the PIQ shop located in the Shuttle Passage of New York’s Grand Central Terminal. The Grand Slam show runs concurrently with several different model train shows on display in NYC during the holiday season.
Celebrating the unique creative expressionism of late 20th century NYC, The Grand Slam art show brings viewers back to the days when each passing train exploded with color and style.  The Grand Slam showcases the works of the pivotal artists that pioneered this art form, as well as many others that have been inspired by the vibe, aesthetic and spirit of the past. The All City Style 20-inch-long subway train “canvas” allows these artists to express themselves freely while paying tribute to the movement and culture that inspired a generation.

The idea for the All City Style platform was conceived amidst the creative fervor of 1980s-era NYC by Klim Kozinevich of Bigshot Toyworks. First unleashed in 2004, with the support of multiple gallery shows worldwide, the All City Style trains were embraced by the global street art, fine art, and designer toy communities. Artists of all styles agree that the All City Style train is an excellent and unique platform for creative expression. In celebration of a decade of All City Style trains, PIQ gallery and Bigshot Toyworks proudly present The Grand Slam: the next chapter in this ever-evolving concept.

The artist roster for The Grand Slam includes some of the most respected names in aerosol art, fine art, illustration, graphic design and tattoo art:

123KLAN Scien & Klor • KR.ONE • PHASE TWO • VULCAN • DOME • RIFF • CHOR BOOGIE • Galen McKamy • Joshua Izzo • BRISKONE • APEXER • MCA / EVIL DESIGN • Bio TATS CRU • BG183 • NICER • DERO • PER • Carlie Ramer • Hieronymus • MERES CBS • James "SEXER" Rodriguez • ZIMAD TD4 CBS • Brutherford • Eternal 7VIIth • Rob W Hunt • Prox One • Ralston Fox Smith • Gabriel Shaffer • Joe MacCarthy • Tragnark • Steve Talkowski • Frank Kozik • Task One • AngryBlue • Lou Pimentel • AW177 • Eric Orr • Frank "Wore" Croce • Original GEE • Glenn Barr

This show is open to the public for one month and the pieces will be available for purchase in the PIQ shop, with pickup available after two weeks. Art aficionados of all ages are welcome to attend the show, as are members of the press. Blank All City Style trains will be available for purchase at PIQ or from one of the All City Style retail partners listed on the website. Kids can download the All City Style Training Page or papercraft model from the All City Style Downloads page. Attend the opening to grab an All City Style Training Page to get your favorite artist to sign!

RSVP at The Grand Slam event page:

November 17, 2014

SNEAK PEEK: All City Style trains for The Grand Slam (Nov 22 at PIQ)

L, top to bottom: Bio TATS CRU, NICER & BG183. R, top to bottom: Spencer Herr, Original GEE & Ralston Fox Smith.
We are super excited for Saturday, which is the launch of the next show that we are helping out with! Klim Kozinevich, owner of Bigshot Toyworks and creator of the All City Style 20-inch DIY trains, managed to pull together an absolutely ALL-STAR crew of artists for this show, which he dubbed The Grand Slam. Graffiti legends, designers, and artists of all stripes all exhibiting together at PIQ in Grand Central in NYC!

RSVP to the show here on Facebook or just drop by PIQ at 4PM on Saturday November 22nd to check out the trains. 

If you can't make it to NYC for this show, make sure you are following All City Style on Facebook and on the All City Style website. There will be many more ACS shows popping up around the world, as the next batch of All City Style trains are set to hit US shores in early December. Ask your favorite retailer to stock All City Style!

Till Saturday, we leave with with the video below of some of the trains Original GEE had painted in the past... chalk another one up for this legendary artist!

Killer Donut Choco Bear by Angry Woebots x FLABSLAB

Available now from FLABSLAB is the Killer Donut Choco Bear edition by Angry Woebots. Created as an homage to J. Dilla, Killer Donuts first released during SGTCC, in the OG Angry Woebots colorway. The latest release is this Choco colorway. All of the Choco Killer Donut's were painted by Angry Woebots during his short stint in Singapore a few months back. Priced at $300 plus shipping, these massive pieces will go great in any collection. These are limited to just 20 pieces, so be sure to pick one up now, before they hibernate forever.

Jeremy Fish Moc Toe Shoes - Mr. Jeremy Fish x Upper Playground x Al's Attire

Fans of Jeremy Fish can now purchase some Jeremy Fish Moc Toe Shoes from Upper Playground. On sale for only 48 hours, starting at 3PM PST on November 17th, these individually hand made shoes are created by the legendary shop Al's Attire. Using premium cowhide, Jeremy Fish's design has been laser etched into the hide, creating a unique pair of shoes. Priced at $389 a pair, those who actually want to wear these shoes have to be able to fit within a small range of US Men's shoe sizes: 9.5-10-10.5-11. The lead time on these shoes are said to be 6-8 weeks, so those expecting to be able to purchase these as a gift for the holidays may have to keep that in mind.

Giveaway from Prints on Wood and Luke Chueh

The great people over at Prints on Wood are giving away one of the sold out BOBA Wood Prints, image created by Luke Chueh. With a winner being announced on November 18th, time is running out to enter. This giveaway is through Instagram, so unfortunately, only Instagram users can participate.
All you have to do to enter is
Again, a winner will be announced on November 18th, who will receive this limited edition 8"x10" wood print of Luke Chueh's Boba painting, created by Prints On Wood. Good Luck!

threeB - Boba, Bears and Bounty Hunters - Luke Chueh at FLABSLAB

Luke Chueh has teamed up with Singapore based FLABSLAB to create BOBA! Inspired by one of the universe's most famous Bounty Hunters and a delicious beverage, BOBA is a resin sculpture of Star Wars' Boba Fett character enjoying a drink of Boba (aka Bubble Tea). Luke Chueh originally created this representation as a painting, which was later turned into more affordable prints. Lately, Prints on Wood was able to create a small run of 100 wood prints for Designer Con 2014, which has since sold out. FLABSLAB was tasked to create BOBA in 3D and will be releasing this limited edition sculpture on November 21, 2014. Priced at $300USD/SGD380, BOBA sits around 9.5" tall. Now, for those Boba Fett aficionados out there, Boba is not 100% accurate by design(or by accident, does it matter?). FLABSLAB will be having a launch event on November 21st, in Singapore. Luke Chueh will be in attendance and has brought some goodies along with him for attendees to purchase. For all those not in Singapore and interested in purchasing BOBA, any leftover pieces will be made available for purchase online for $300 plus shipping, around November 24th.
SUCKLE Bears - Customized by Luke Chueh
1 Commonwealth Lane
#06-11 One Commonwealth
Singapore 149544
Republic of Singapore

War Elephant Custom by Jon-Paul Kaiser

Jon-Paul Kaiser just finished a short stint in Southern California, hitting up Designer Con 2014 and even attended the opening reception of his "Unamerican Activity" art show at Toy Art Gallery. As always, Jon-Paul's work is traveling just like he is. Jon-Paul's latest completed commission to reach it's owner is a custom what-did-I-eat-ephunt by Amanda Visell, called War Elephant. Combined with a few of the Cavemen from Amanda's Tic-Toc Apocalypse series, Jon-Paul was able to create a wonderful piece, using pieces designed by a single artist. Jon-Paul crafted a wood-built howdah on top of the elephant to house the crew of 3 Caveman and elephant mascot. Two of the Caveman sport a spear, while the third was given a banner, to give the entire piece a more epic appearance. Utilizing clean and expertly painted shadows and lines, each individual piece was given the JPK custom touch. The War Elephant should make the lucky collector pretty happy. All of the wonderful photos were taken by Justin Allfree. For those wanting to get a commission from Jon-Paul Kaiser, be sure to contact him through his website and get the ball rolling.
War Elephant by Jon-Paul Kaiser, p.c. Justin Allfree
War Elephant by Jon-Paul Kaiser, p.c. Justin Allfree
War Elephant by Jon-Paul Kaiser, p.c. Justin Allfree
War Elephant by Jon-Paul Kaiser, p.c. Justin Allfree

The Polarized Polar Bear by Riser

Jordan "Riser" DeVries took part in the Urban Vinyl Daily group show with his customized JC Rivera's Dead As F*ck Bear titled "The Polarized Polar Bear. A ton of work was put into the awesome base, rather than into the resin Bear Champ, creating a pretty kinetic feeling custom piece. Riser took a simple approach to customizing the Bear Champ, essentially completing the Champ to go with the created base. Riser did some great work with the floaty and facemask the Champ has on, while having some awesome details in the form of corporation stickers on the floaty. Unfortunately for most collectors, this piece is already sold. There are several pieces from the show up at the Urban Vinyl Daily store, be sure to check out the rest of the available pieces before they are all gone.

Mech-Azrael Champ by Josh Mayhem

Designer Con 2014 had a bunch of great artists exhibiting and even a custom show put on by Urban Vinyl Daily. Featuring the Dead as F#ck Champ, designed by JC Rivera, Urban Vinyl Daily held the custom group show at Designer Con 2014. Josh Mayhem's piece consists of a great black and gold armor clad custom Dead as F#ck Champ. Resembling the armor typically seen with Gundam models, Josh's "Mech-Azreal Champ" also features the movable wings and extra appendages. This piece has been sold, but there are still a good number of custom Champ's available through Urban Vinyl Daily's online store.

November 15, 2014

Playful Gorilla in Gore Noir Magazine Issue #11

One of our own- my man Alex Rivera aka Playful Gorilla- is featured in the current issue of Gore Noir magazine. They published some of his art in addition to interviewing him, which is awesome, and Alex mentioned me and a bunch of our friends, which is also awesome. My first mention in this magazine. Big ups!

Go grab a copy of Issue 11 here:

Gore Noir Magazine — Gore Noir Magazine Issue #11 Featuring Ghost!

November 12, 2014

13in Shagghoulies by We Become Monsters drop Nov 14

For November, we have SHAGGHOULIE!

Available online at this Friday, 11/14, at noon Pacific time. $75USD plus shipping. 8 available.

A traditional ghoul is a desert-dwelling, flesh eating demon. In ancient times, ghouls dwelled in burial grounds and other uninhabited places. The Shagghoulie is a fiendish type of modern ghoul, residing in the Las Vegas area.

While ancient ghouls lured unwary people into the desert wastes or abandoned buildings to slay and devour them, modern Shagghoulies lure only the semi-wary, and tend to attack in highly populated areas as a group, using a swarming action.

Luckily, they no longer kill. These weirdos are content to simply eat the hair, fingernails, dry skin, and any other dead tissue of the living. The creatures also prey on young children's shoelaces, drink rum, steal credit cards, and, on holidays eat the dead. They also have a nearly fatal fashion sense, stunning their prey with their fabulous shaggadelic jumpsuits.

They are known to be mediocre public speakers and occasionally suffer from dandruff. They are great dancers but highly antisocial. Do not approach or attempt to touch them. If they become startled, the fur of their shag suits can stiffen to needle-like spines.

One of each available except Silvarr (edition of two). Roughly 13 inches tall. Articulated 1:6th scale body with custom resin hands, feet and head, and hand sewn jumpsuit. Hand cast, hand painted, articulated resin art toy / mixed media.

All orders get a free micro SLAB (while supplies last) and entered for random drawings to get a full size WBM SLAB. SLABs are our waste reduction program that turns waste resin into art. Liking also adds another chance for a large size SLAB.

Slabs are running low, this release may be the last to offer them. All orders get some stickers too.

Genetic Code by unbound25 - preorder this Korean art toy set direct from them

Everyone would like to keep their childhoods’ innocence, but they are vulnerable in front of the reality.

‘Genetic Code’ stands for hereditary transmission that we, ‘humans,’ go through.

We try to express the transmission by representing 2 bulldogs containing cute and rough images, respectively.

For example, the ‘Adorable Baby Bulldog’ embodies our childhoods’ innocence which seems hard to be kept through time and tide.

In other words, the innocence (the inner world) along with outward appearance is vulnerable to changes as we grow up.

In short, this product is our expression of changes from innocence to roughness.

As a matter of fact, this is a quite normal and natural phenomenon (whoever the one is), likely to heredity.

  • Pre - order
  • 20 pc limited edition
  • 5.5 inch | Resin
  • The product includes  : Baby bulldog & Rough bulldog
  • Price : 180 usd + Shipping cost
  • Payment by PAYPAL
  • Order by email (
  • Date of delivery : 30 days after the payment
Caution :

  • The paint can be removed by frequent touch.
  • The actual color could be different from the one on your screen.

November 11, 2014

Bigshot Toyworks and PIQ Products Present THE GRAND SLAM on November 22

Bigshot Toyworks and PIQ Products present The Grand Slam, an art show of one-of-a-kind custom painted All City Style subway train models. The Grand Slam opens on November 22, 2014 at 4PM in the PIQ shop located in the Shuttle Passage of New York’s Grand Central Terminal.

The All City Style train is a DIY platform representing one of the most iconic (and controversial) canvases for street artists and writers worldwide: the NYC subway train. Created by Klim Kozinevich, and produced by Bigshot Toyworks, the All City Style trains were tremendously popular upon their introduction in 2004. Supported by multiple art shows in New York, San Francisco, London, Paris, Moscow, Melbourne, and more, the All City Style trains were embraced by the street art, fine art, and designer toy communities. Artists of all styles agree that the All City Style train is an excellent and unique platform for expression. In celebration of a decade of All City Style trains, PIQ gallery and Bigshot Toyworks proudly present The Grand Slam: the next chapter in this ever-evolving concept.

The artist roster for The Grand Slam includes some of the most respected names in graffiti and street art:
PHASE 2 • VULCAN • DOME • RIFF 170 • CHOR BOOGIE • Glenn Barr • SCIEN • KLOR • Louie "KR.ONE" Gasparro • AW177 • Galen McKamy • Brutherford • Steve Talkowski • Martin Hsu • Joshua Izzo • Luis "ZIMAD" Lamboy • BRISK • APEXER • Tkid • Ralston Fox Smith • Gabriel Shaffer • Tragnark • Lou Pimentel • Joe MacCarthy • James "SEXER" Rodriguez • Rob W Hunt • Eternal • Task One • Kurt Barbee • Bio • BG183 • NICER • DERO • PER • Frank Kozik • AngryBlue • Frank "Wore" Croce • Eric Orr • MCA • MERES CBS • Part TDS • Carlie Ramer • Hieronymus • Spencer Herr • Original Gee & more

This show is open to the public and the pieces will be available for purchase in the PIQ shop, with pickup available 2 weeks after the opening. Art aficionados of all ages are welcome to attend the show, as are members of the press. Blank All City Style trains will be available for purchase at PIQ or from one of the All City Style retail partners listed on the website:

Kids can download the All City Style training page or papercraft model from the All City Style Downloads page:

Check the list of All City Style retailers:

Visit PIQ Products:

Learn more about Bigshot Toyworks:

DMC Released! by Mare139 | 1xRUN Limited Edition Time-Released Art

 This limited print is selling FAST! Don't sleep! Click below:
Carlos Mare aka Mare139 - DMC Released! | 1xRUN Limited Edition Time-Released Art

"This work was the cover art designed Sal Buscema who is known as one of the legendary artist from the time period known at Marvel as its' Golden Age of Comic books he is affectionately known as "Our Pal Sal" in the Marvel Bullpen Bulletins. His unforgettable work on some of their biggest titles including his phenomenal penciling on The Avengers, Captain America, Incredible Hulk, Thor and Spider-Man defined the look of those characters for decades. He has even worked for DC Comics on Batman, Superman, Superboy, Creeper and Wonder Woman. That puts me in good company as well as some of the artists who share the cover of the graphic novel." - Mare139

This RUN comes signed, numbered and with a Certificate of Authenticity from DMC, Mare 139 and 1xRUN.

DMC supported us, gotta support the man! Go buy his print!

November 10, 2014

Sparky the Spacepirate by Crux Delgado

Crux Delgado recently completed a custom 4" Munny called "Sparky The Space Pirate", for an online art show titled "Space Pirates". Now, the concept of an online only art show is quite absurd. Unless the FB Page hosting the show pays the proper premiums and does amazing press, the crowd which is going to see the show randomly is going to be quite limited. Even more so because of the strange limitations FB places on feeds. The online show aside, Crux's work is pretty cool. Using Super Sculpy and acrylic paint, "Sparky The Space Pirate" features some nice sculpting and even some fabric work. Crux enlisted his wife "Claraphi" to make the clothing. Overall, a very nice piece, which will be available through Crux's online shop for $180 (another problem with an online show, sales and shipping are typically handled by the artist). Be sure to check out the "show" on 11/14/14, through the Space Pirates FB page.