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September 12, 2014

25 Cent Wonders Prints by Patrick Ballesteros

Patrick Ballesteros always has some wonderful affordable prints for sale. For SDCC 2014, Patrick released a new series of prints called "25 Cent Wonders". A lot of younger generation kids may not understand the reference but there was a time when 25 Cent ride type machines existed outside of every supermarket or major store. Now a days, these machines can typically be found in some malls. These machines cost 25 cents to ride and would typically light up, make sounds, and move back and forth, capturing the attention and imagination of a young one sitting on the short, yet entertaining, ride. Patrick created this series as a salute to these 25 cent wonders, using famous characters and vehicles. Each print measures at 6" x 8" with rounded corners and is priced at only $8, plus shipping. To make these prints more enticing, Patrick provides a promo code for an additional discount on the 25 Cent Wonders prints. Just enter the promo code "WONDERFUL14" in the appropriate box during checkout. Be sure to check out all the 25 Cent Wonders up in Patrick's online store, there is something for everyone.