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September 30, 2014

Can You Stand On Your Head? Tasha Zimich Cheshire Cat Trikky for Kidrobot SF

Can you stand on your head? Maybe not quite like Cheshire Cat can. 

Inspired by one of my favourite creepy characters, I made some slight modifications for this 7" Trikky to do the job a little more elegantly; shortened neck peg with embedded magnets, and fabric bottoms on the feet. "Can You Stand On Your Head" is part of Kidrobot San Francisco's Hello Trikky Exhibition, opening this Friday October 3.

He's a little cute, a little creepy, and a little of what nightmares are made of. The Mome Raths join the party from out of Chesh's ears, and around back, his teeth become ace of hearts playing cards. If you're in the San Francisco area for October 3rd, swing through the opening at Kidrobot San Francisco's storefront location.

Despair is coming from Adam Quesnell and Stand Up! Records

Adam Quesnell is a comedian on Stand Up! Records and also happens to be an avid toy collector. Being an avid toy collector, Adam couldn't just release an album and call it day. Instead, Adam and Stand Up! Records teamed up with illustrator Terence Brown II, October Toys and Tru:Tek to create a 3" rubber toy called "DESPAIR".

Adam on the history of Despair
Despair is a demon from the 10th Circle of Hell; the level where people who make bad cinematic adaptations of classic toy properties are flayed for eternity. Not your average demon, Despair suffers from severe anxiety disorder and crippling depression.

Satan himself banished Despair from Hell for being a major bummer.

Cast out upon the earth in a fiery geyser of lava and tears, Despair landed in the parking lot of a comedy club that was hosting a weekly open mic night.  Despair put his name on the sign-up sheet, got on stage, and told his story. Since then, he has been punishing himself, night after night, on comedy stages of varying quality throughout the Midwest. He dances and lashes himself for audiences with hopes of selling t-shirts and CDs to drunk people who will not wear or listen to them.
Despair will release on Halloween 2014 and will coincide with the release of Adam's album "Can We Afford This Much Despair?". The initial Despair figure release will be the flesh colored rubber, with more colorways to follow(check out Adam's website for a sneak peak). Each figure will come with a code to digitally download Adam's album. Stay tuned for more info, as pricing and availability has yet to be released.

September 28, 2014

The Gatekeeper by Credenda Studios releases October 1

Have you talked to a Demon or danced with the Devil? Well if you have, then chances are you've met the Underworld's bouncer also know at The Gatekeeper. With multiple paint applications and packaged on a laser engraved backer board that resembles a Ouija Board, this is like nothing you've ever seen before. With a small run of only 15 available, this figure will vanish faster than a ghost.

PRE-ORDER the Gatekeeper for $75 each on October 1st at 8PM, MST only at So act fast!

The Gatekeeper awaits your question. The only thing is, can you handle the answer?

September 27, 2014

Bigshot Toyworks Represented at NYCC 2014 Tenacious Collective Booth 208

All City Style blank 20-inch trains will be available for purchase at Booth 208
 This year we are representing Bigshot Toyworks at NYCC 2014 in the Tenacious Collective booth #208. There will be BSTW products for sale, plus prototypes of upcoming figures and some special reveals of projects that are underway.

We will be selling blank All City Style trains at our booth, as well as some of the remaining Miya-San figures designed by Martin Hsu.

In addition, we will be showing off the first factory samples of the finished Little Maddie figures in their packaging. Little Maddie will not be for sale at NYCC, but you might get a glimpse of the next Four Horsies figures slated for another Kickstarter...

We will also be displaying a few prototypes of the next couple of Bigshot Toyworks figures which are currently under development.... more about those will be revealed this week! A new release will drop soon at the Bigshot Toyshop.... wonder what they will drop as a second release, as a follow-up to the Mike Mignola Monkey with a Gun figure?

September 26, 2014

REVEAL: Dead as F#ck custom figure by Daniel Fleres for Suburban Vinyl NYCC show

Custom resin Dead as F#ck figure by Daniel Fleres. Resin figure designed by JC Rivera and produced by We Are Not Toys. Custom is for the Dead as F#ck show taking place at the Suburban Vinyl booth number 208 at NYCC 2014- that's the Tenacious Collective, people! Your one stop for all toy art awesomeness. Swing by to see all the brilliant Dead as F#ck pieces! More info on the booth here.

September 25, 2014

EXCLUSIVE Coverage of Rampage Toys NYCC Exclusive Figures!

Is this not one of the most bad-ass pieces of vinyl you've ever seen?
 Jon Malmstedt of Rampage Toys kindly offered us the opportunity to drops these EXCLUSIVE, yet-to-be-released images of some of the many awesome sofubi exclusives he will be bringing to our collective NYCC booth #208! Behold, the wonders of crazy Japanese vinyl! Many of these items are on their way to my warehouse RIGHT NOW! You don't want to miss this opportunity to pick up Rampage pieces at NYCC... the opportunity to purchase Jon's work stateside is very rare indeed.

More SubUrban Vinyl NYCC 2014 Releases

NYCC 2014 approaches quickly and releases continue to be revealed. This time around, SubUrban Vinyl has a little more info to release for those attending NYCC. First up, THC Droplets from Wasted Talent. These THC Droplets are based on the sold out custom Buddy Fonzarelli created by Wasted Talent for the Blood Type Positive show. These 2.5" sculpted and resin cast custom droplets will be available at the SubUrban Vinyl Booth #208 in The Block at NYCC 2014. Available in an OG Purp and an OG Kush colorway, each colorway will be limited to just 12 pieces, with each piece being signed and numbered.

Also at NYCC 2014, SubUrban Vinyl will have artist Lou Pimentel live painting and signing all weekend. Lou Pimentel will have a new print available called "Odisseia", which is limited to just 50 signed and numbered prints. The "Odisseia" print measures in at 11" x 14" and is printed on water color rag paper. Prints will be available on October 9th at booth #208 in The Block. Be sure to check out all of SubUrban Vinyl's NYCC offerings.

REVEAL: Dead as F#ck custom figure by Betso for Suburban Vinyl NYCC show

Custom resin Dead as F#ck figure by Betso. Resin figure designed by JC Rivera and produced by We Are Not Toys. Custom is for the Dead as F#ck show taking place at the Suburban Vinyl booth number 208 at NYCC 2014- that's the Tenacious Collective, people! Your one stop for all toy art awesomeness. Swing by to see all the awesome pieces! More info on the booth here.

Tenacious Toys NYCC 2014 Exclusives

This year, Steph and I are going about NYCC a bit differently... after managing this huge booth last year in addition to trucking in and selling our own exclusives and regular inventory, I personally was beyond exhausted... I took a lot of time off after NYCC, which really isn't great for business. You build up all this momentum, and that's the worst time to disappear and have the shop closed and fail to respond to emails. Lesson learned.

For 2014, I decided I am JUST managing this booth, so I can be more present to chat with people, take care of my collective and makes sure the whole 600-square-foot shebang goes off smoothly.

That being said, it's really difficult for me to actually roll up to NYCC without bringing along some exclusive releases. Thankfully I can rely on a network of super talented artists to create cool pieces for us to sell.

This blog post will grow, but for today, here are the first Tenacious Toys NYCC exclusives I have to share:
  • Sam Raimi action figure by Credenda Studios - 50pcs, $65 each
  • Pandara Super Hero Edition by SoKo Cat - 5" tall, 3pcs, $75 each
  • Lil Death - Spectre Edition by SoKo Cat - 4" tall, 3pcs, $75 each
  • Burgermeister NYCC Exclusive by Jacob JAMS - 1.5" tall, 10pcs, $15 each
  • Burgermeister Blue Tenacious Toys Exclusive by Jacob JAMS - 1.5" tall, 10pcs, $15 each
I'll share more blog posts this week about the exclusives that members of the Tenacious Collective are bringing, plus our signing schedule and the other non-exclusive toys and collectibles we will have on hand. If you'd like to get a jump on that info, all of the current info I have about the exclusives, signings and releases for the other members of the Tenacious Collective can be found on our website here.

The Cenobots 2.1 blind box series is not necessarily a Tenacious Toys exclusive production, but rather a series 100% developed and launched by the artists involved. We are giving this series the chance to debut at NYCC at our booth!

September 24, 2014

NYCC SubUrban Vinyl Reptile kaiju Purridge

This year Suburban Vinyl has teamed up with the amazing folks at Furry Feline Creatives to bring you their very own limited edition Suburban Reptile Kaiju Purridge Plush. Each one is 100% hand sewn with love and measure 14"x12" . There will only be 12 available at their booth #208 in the block as part of the Tenacious Collective. Also for the first time the folks from Furry Feline Creatives will be attending New York Comic Con and will be on hand at our booth and will have some of their other amazing products available.

Big C custom for the Hello Trikky show at kidrobot San Francisco

This custom Trikky from Big C is the All Seeing Sasquatch, but has been given the nickname Small Cheeks by a fan. The eye glows in the dark. It is one of the many pieces in the upcoming "Hello Trikky" show at Kidrobot San Francisco. The opening reception is October 3 from 6:00 - 9:00 pm and you can pick up this piece for $300. The show will be running for a month so if you are in the area, make sure to check it out.  

Ian Ziobrowski NUGGLIFE Print Set & T-Shirt GIVEAWAY!

Our friend and NYCC boothmate Ian Ziobrowski (NUGGLIFE) has blessed us with a bunch of great swag to give away! Up for grabs are TWO prize packs, each containing the following:
  • (1) Men's XL size Stay Farmin' t-shirt
  • (1) "The Hunt Begins" 8x10 inch signed print
  • (1) "Big Bud" 8x10 inch signed print
  • (1) "Rusty the Clown" 8x10 inch signed print

Entering is easy, just leave a comment under this post telling us the name of your favorite NUGGLIFE character, and hit that +1 as well! 

Contest begins NOW and runs through the end of this weekend, ending on the evening of Sunday September 28th. Two winners will be contacted privately and announced on Monday.

You can follow Ian on Instagram @nugglife or on Facebook here.

You will be able to find Ian and a FREAKING LOT of Nugglife custom figures, apparel, prints, art and more at our NYCC Booth 208- the only booth you need to visit. Bring your fat wallet, Ian's work at NYCC will blow you away.


New BANDIT-1$M Look Book Video

Our NYCC boothmates 123KLAN have released their fall look book video to support their BANDIT-1$M apparel line. Expect to see and buy a bunch of this at the 123KLAN space in NYCC Booth 208 in mid-October...

REVEAL: Dead as F#ck custom figure by DrilOne for Suburban Vinyl NYCC show

Custom resin Dead as F#ck figure by DrilOne. Resin figure designed by JC Rivera and produced by We Are Not Toys. Custom is for the Dead as F#ck show taking place at the Suburban Vinyl booth number 208 at NYCC 2014- that's the Tenacious Collective, people! Your one stop for all toy art awesomeness. Swing by to see all the awesome pieces! More info on the booth here.

TEASER: Krampus on a Shelf by Forces of Dorkness

Stay tuned for more info about the Forces of Dorkness Krampus on a Shelf holiday release on our website!

September 23, 2014

Kyle Kirwan at NYCC 2014 Booth #425

This year at NYCC 2014, Brooklyn based artist Kyle Kirwan will have a bunch of stuff to show and sell at Booth #425 in the Block. In addition to Stickers, trading cards, buttons and magnets, Kyle will have a new mini-figure on hand, as well as some customs for sale. Kyle is probably working like a mad man getting everything completed and ready for NYCC, which seems to be growing every year.
At NYCC, Kyle will also have the Willo Resin Prototype on hand, for people to take a first hand look at. The Willo prototype was the basis behind Kyle's successful Kickstarter, which funded back in May. Rotocast resin pieces are going to be made as rewards, based on the prototype. This will be a chance for people to get a better feel for size and scale of Willo. Hopefully this will get more people excited for Willo, so when the figure does release, there should be no problem selling them to the masses.
Not to limit himself to just 3D goodies, Kyle will also have some original pieces of art for sale at his booth, #425 in the Block. Everyone who is attending NYCC 2014 should stop by Kyle's booth and pick up some items.

Introducing Skullnade by David Kraig

With NYCC 2014 seemingly around the corner, releases are starting to pop up and press releases sent out. One of the pieces making it's debut at NYCC 2014 is SKULLNADE by David Kraig. Known for awesome sculpted customs, David is releasing his latest sculpture SKULLNADE, at booth #419. Each SKULLNADE is cast in resin and measures around 4"L x 3"H x 2.5"W. SKULLNADE will be available in Black, Red, Hot Pink, Yellow, Green and Blue, with a GID version being exclusively available at NYCC 2014. A White DIY version will also be available to round out the color wheel. For those not attending NYCC, the SKULLNADE rainbow will be available to purchase online through the SKULLNADE website.

Custom 3" Sketchup Dunny by Jon-Paul Kaiser

Jon-Paul Kaiser's latest completed commission is a 3" Sketchup Dunny. Using a ship in a bottle theme, which is similar to a previously completed Skethup custom, Jon-Paul added a little twist to this custom. This wonderful custom is inspired by the classic novel Moby Dick. On top is the distressed Pequod, getting thrashed by waves, while the great white whale is dives below. Another incredible piece completed by Jon-Paul Kaiser. As with all of Jon-Paul's creations, the beautiful photos were take by Photographer Justin Allfree. Keep in mind, Jon-Paul may still be open for commissions, so head on over to his website and contact him for more info.
3" Custom Sketchup Dunny by Jon-Paul Kaiser, p.c. Justin Allfree

REVEAL: Dead as F#ck custom figure by Leecifer for Suburban Vinyl NYCC show

Custom resin Dead as F#ck figure by Leecifer: BatBear "Fuzzy Knight". Resin figure designed by JC Rivera and produced by We Are Not Toys. Custom is for the Dead as F#ck show taking place at the Suburban Vinyl booth number 208 at NYCC 2014- that's the Tenacious Collective, people! Your one stop for all toy art awesomeness. Swing by to see all the awesome pieces! More info on the booth here.

September 22, 2014

The Obligatory Owl By Ardabus Rubber

Once in awhile Ardabus Rubber gets up to something with a representational flare- and it's really cool. There's something cosmic about the composition of the elements, with a few stylistic appropriations of the artists' recurring circus themes. 

The Obligatory Owl is a new addition to Ardabus' inked lineart drawings and prints. This piece is now available as an 11x14" giclee print on 300gsm entrada cotton rag paper.
Bring one home to roost here.