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August 22, 2014

Sluggish Shadow Thing Custom Android by Shadoe Delgado

The Sluggish Shadow Thing custom Android figure was recently completed by Shadoe Delgado. Starting with sculpting the teeth, the Sluggish Shadow eventually fought back and even caused some stitches to be had.  After some evolution, time and injuries, Shadoe Delgado eventually completed this first version of his Android Slug. Shadoe Delgado does want to create more of these figures, while improving and evolving the figure further. For those interested, Shadoe Delgado would love some commissions to create more of these figures, so head on over to Shadoe's website for contact info.
In addition to the amazing Android Custom, Shadoe Delgado is also offering free shipping to the US on the life size masks. Even though these masks are meant to be a hanging wall piece, it's highly likely that these can be modified a bit to be worn as masks. For those interested, just be sure to enter FREESHIPM during checkout through the online store, to receive free shipping on the masks.
Go forth and check out the great work by Shadoe Delgado!