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January 20, 2014

Lil Jammies Artist Series - Lil' Scavenger by Matt A (the angry artist)

Matt A might consider himself "the angry artist", but that anger doesn't stop him from being an awesome sculptor. Matt A's Lil' Scavenger is the latest piece to be revealed as a part of Fuller's Lil Jammies Series. Matt A sculpted over the entire piece, creating a small vulture-esque figure. Lil' Scavenger still has the general shape of the sitting Lil Jammie figure, but features sculpted wings and talons. The head has also been replaced with a sculpted skull which highly resembles a vulture's skull. A great piece overall, but could probably use a little more color to really give it life.

The Lil Jammies Series is expected to be available on January 31st and will retail for $70 plus shipping. To make this series more enticing, Fuller has teamed up with stores Vinyl Riot and Collect and Display to give away two DIY packages to a couple of lucky customers who purchase a Lil Jammie from the series. Keep an eye out on this blog for more releases.

In the meantime, to purchase a DIY Lil Jammie, head on over to one of these stores;