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January 31, 2014

Lil' Jammies Series on sale now!

ON SALE NOW!!!!! The day is finally here for the release of the Lil' Jammies Series! Everyone did an amazing job! Got some new photos to show ya along with the rest of the gang! These 1 / 1 customs will be for sale online at 12:00 PM Central on January 31 st here:

January 30, 2014

Tomorrow is the LAST DAY to preorder the Miya-san resin figure
Tomorrow, January 31, is the last day to get your preorder in for the Miya-san figure.

This Martin Hsu creation was brought to life by Bigshot Toyworks. It's a charity project with proceeds going to a local organization in Japan which provides post-tsunami community-building relief.

Only 300 will be made, and they are $95 each. There are not many left; we've been selling them for over a week now and got coverage on Reddit, Cartoon Brew and Anime News Network.

The figure measures 6 inches tall and is made of resin. Shipping to customers in April. Get yours now. Paint samples below:

And click the following link to view a sweet video featuring Miya-San:

January 29, 2014

Custom PAW by RunDMB

This PAW is something else. So many details. Don't you guys love it?

Follow RunDMB here:

PIQ Opening at Grand Central Terminal, New York; Supporting Local Artists Like Jason Freeny

I cannot adequately describe to you how excited I am about the opening of the new PIQ store in Grand Central... I have been wanting to bring art toys to an uptown NYC shop myself for 9 years now... I just never had the capital to make that a reality. So when I found out (through my friend Jason Freeny's FB feed) that his products were being featured in a new shop in Grand Central, possibly the most convenient and accessible location in all of New York City, I was SO STOKED!

Now PIQ has contacted me to make a blog post about their shop. From the images they provided, it looks like they have an AMAZING selection of new and old vinyl art toys, from Freeny and JLED to NadaOne, Toy2R... next time you visit NYC, GO TO PIQ! I'm gonna visit as soon as I get back from vacation in early February.

THE SARUT GROUP, a leader in the gift industry, and widely known for their vibrant collection of eclectic gifts, has announced the roll out of their new retail store concept called PIQ.

The PIQ stores were first introduced in 2012 at Universal CityWalk, Orlando and Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. The stores themselves, bold, bright with a very contemporary look, are replete with unique and unexpected items. PIQ features designer toys, focusing on vinyl collectibles, books, limited editions, and rare pieces from such names as Frank Kozik, Ron English and Buff Monster. Other gift items include games, chic home and kitchen accessories, nostalgic souvenirs, funky novelty items as well as rare pop culture finds. Partnerships with established and upcoming designers such as Jason Freeny, Robin Van Valkenburgh or established vendors like DKE comprise a major part of the PIQ brand and showcase the unique merchandise that PIQ brings to the marketplace. The first PIQ New York City store opened mid January 2014 in Grand Central Terminal, Shuttle Passage.

PIQ Store in Grand Central Terminal
Shuttle Passage
89 E 42nd Street
New York, NY 10017
(212) 867-0969 

Holy crap! They went BIG! Bigger than I could ever dream of launching Tenacious Toys... good for them!

January 28, 2014

Monstermatic - An app by Mico Studios

With 3D printing technology advancing and becoming more attainable to the everyday user, companies are making it easier to design and create unique characters at the touch of a screen. Monstermatic is a 3D printing App that has recently been released, which allows users to customize and design unique characters. Currently only available for iOS devices(iPhone and iPad), Monstermatic allows a user to design a character, using built-in options. Everything from the head style, hand coloring, types of feet(shoes) and even the overall color applications can be customized, which allows for a huge range of possible outcomes.

3D printing is changing the world and democratizing the act of creation. With the release of Monstermatic on the App Store anybody can become part of the revolution and experience firsthand the power of this incredible technology. 

Monstermatic is a free app that inspires kids of all ages to engage in creative play. It provides a quick, fun and easy way to design monsters and unleash them into the world through 3D printing technology. 

  • Interact with 10 animated monsters, each with a unique personality and swappable parts.
  • Take pictures using Augmented Reality Technology.
  • Share your creations through social media.
  • Draw on your monster.
  • Send your creation to 3D printing and receive your figurine by mail a few days later.
 Monstermatic is available for free for a limited time on the App Store (
The main feature of the Monstermatic App is the ability to make a custom 2D creation, into a 3D printed tangible figure. The price point of the print is a bit steep for a 2" printed figure, currently listed at $25.95, which gives the customer a 3D print of the created figure, in one of 3 poses. The app itself is easy to use, since most of it is visual. There are currently a few bugs, which make the app seem unresponsive, but users could have better luck on newer devices.
Overall, Monstermatic is a nice app, that is currently free to download and play around with. Some minor bugs should be fixed in the future, but nothing that prevents the user from creating a custom creature. If you have an iOS device, download the app and give it whirl. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Mystical Warriors of the Ring wrestling-themed mini figures by Fantastic Plastic

Introducing Mystical Warriors of the Ring, produced in the same factory as October Toys' O.M.F.G. figures. These ultra detailed 2" scaled mini figures are a new product from the partnership between Fantastic Plastic Toys and True Cast Studio (prototypers for NECA and Sideshow Collectibles).

Available previously only in Limited Edition Urethane, late last year they made the jump to more affordable PVC.

Currently 5 colors are available on their website for an affordable $9.00 per pack (Glow in the Dark pictured below is $10). They also have a Black retail exclusive at Jay's CD and Hobby (

Mystical Warriors of the Ring will be touring the USA in 2014 with the first stops being Kansas City's Planet Comicon in March and Chicago's mega convention C2E2 in April. There will be an exclusive colorway at each show (colorways not yet announced).

Mystical Warriors of the Ring figures are supported by a line of comic books, and there have been discussions of future animation and video games. So if you like Wrestling and if you like mini figures, this line is right up your alley.

MegaSeth Love Monster Edition by Lisa Rae Hansen for Super Series Sundays
Introducing MegaSeth: Love Monster edition! This rockin dude wears his heart and his love for pit bulls on his... sleeve... er, OK the front of his shirt. But you know what I mean.

After selling out of the NYCC Exclusive MegaSeths pretty darn fast last October, we asked Lisa Rae Hansen (ibreaktoys) to make us another run. MegaSeth is a 6" resin sculpt that comes bagged and tagged with a header card, along with a button and a mini print. A great package for only $60.

Lisa Rae made us 8 exclusive Love Monster MegaSeths, painting our pit bull Love Monster onto the front of each figure. A truly unique, Tenacious-centric exclusive!

MegaSeth Love Monster edition figures will be available this Sunday February 2nd at 6PM EST on our Super Series Sundays page. ROCK ON!

January 27, 2014

threeA x Marvel x Iron Man

Oh my, you now have my attention!!!

What a great 'new' take of Iron Man, sort of an origin looking Iron Man, and I like very much.

Really makes a change from the film versions of Iron Man that Hot Toys and others companies have been milking... I mean churning... oh, I mean producing!!!

Ashley Wood recently answered this question on a Q&A

No pricing as yet, but get ready for BambaStark week in February!

Thanks for reading

Wai Man

TMNT Print - By Partrick Sierra

Patrick Sierra is an artist, who not many people may have heard of. Patrick recently completed a TMNT inspired print, several months after his initial sketch. He This is one of Patrick's first prints and with most things, it's a bit of a learning curve. The print is 10x8.5", printed on an 11x17" sized paper. Currently priced at $25 plus shipping, it's definitely a nice and affordable print. Each print is going to be signed and numbered, with an edition to be set at a later time. 

Here is a an example of a recent custom Munny Patrick completed, named Hiro Esperanza. All his progress shots are up on his blog, which he unfortunately has not updated in some time.
This is just the start of some great work to come from Patrick Sierra. So, give him a follow on Social media, purchase a print or even commission him to do something custom. While Patrick gets his store in order, anyone interested in purchasing a print or commissioning Patrick for custom work, feel free to email him at artbypatsierra [@] gmail.

Update: Patrick is going to limit this print to just 30 pieces and also dropped the Price to $25. Go sell him out!

Miya-san Miyazaki tribute figure preorders still available

Above is a paint sample of the Miya-san figure we have up for preorder. This Martin Hsu creation was brought to life by Bigshot Toyworks. It's a charity project with proceeds going to a local organization in Japan which provides post-tsunami community-building relief.

Only 300 will be made, and they are $95 each. The figure measures 6 inches tall and is made of resin. Shipping to customers in April. Get yours now, they are going fast after being featured on Reddit, Cartoon Brew and Anime News Network amongst many others...

January 25, 2014

Custom of the Month (The Customizers FB-group)

The custom of the past month of The Customizer group on Facebook is...
customizer: TobyArt

REX is a 100 run,resin toy series by TobyArt. Originally conceived for the 2013 Vinyl Thoughts Show 4 they have now been customized as commissions and promos, seen at Comic Con expos and art shows across Texas.

TobyArt won the competition with one of these guys, but to be honest they are all the worth of showing here. Love this series. It is creative and well executed!

Follow TobyArt here:

New Show at Toy Art Gallery?

The fine folks over at Toy Art Gallery in Los Angeles are teasing us with the mysterious image above. Nothing more and nothing less. All we know is it is a show entitled "Dark Invasion" and it is taking place next month. More news as it comes.

January 24, 2014

Jelly Empire Jellyzillas Drop January 25

From out of the confines of The Jelly Empire march an adorable array of Jellyzilla- part robot, and part. Tomorrow, January 25th, these cute little forces to be reckoned with will be available Here at 1PM EST for $40ea.

For more from Jellyzilla, check out their website here.

Graffiti Anatomy - German Cap - by Creo Design

After the sell out success of Creo Design's first solo art piece he has been work at full speed to bring you his latest creation - Graffiti Anatomy

Forget about Grey's Anatomy, Creo brings to life a concept born from streets. For years graffiti artist have been producing mind-blowing murals and canvas using their preferred spray can as an extension of their own body rather than a painting medium. Every artist has his or her own preferred choice of can but have you ever wondered what is hidden beneath the cold aluminium case? Manufactures insist that you should never pierce or dismantle the can regardless if it is empty or not. Wise words indeed because when Creo's curiosity took over and he opened his last empty spray can he couldn't believe what he discovered inside. Beneath the cold aluminium 'skin' lies a full spinal cord and skull 'cap'. 

Spray cans are living objects brought to life in an artists hands.The myths of steel ball bearings used to mix the paint are bogus - when you shake the can it is the vertebrae knocking together that makes the can rattle, wakening the can to life and producing the beautiful stream of paint when pressing the cap.

Creo has captured his discovery with the 100% original handmade resin sculpture that is fitted with a 'German Cap' and is limited to 10pcs world wide. Standing over 12" tall with a 360 degree rotating cap and magnetic articulation in the jaw. As always Creo will allow customers to customise their purchase. Customers are allowed to select 2 paint colours for the body from over 250 colour choices. One is for the main body and cap the second is for the paint splatter effect - customers can choose not to have the paint splatter option. AND customers can choose a 3rd colour from 40 options for the cap 'eye' and teeth. Again customers can choose to have their Graffiti Anatomy as 1 solid colour. They can also be finished in either a matt or gloss lacquer. Each item will be signed and numbered and come in a wooden presentation box.

Orders will be taken via at 9pm GMT on the 22nd Janruary 2014. Each item will be made to order and take 4 weeks to complete from date of order. The RRP is £150 ex shipping (around $250 ex shipping) - shipping is done via courier due to size, weight.