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December 11, 2013

Fuller's Lil' Jammie Series first release!

Stoney Maloney Da Ape by DonP is the first photo release from the Lil' Jammie Series. Stay tuned for more photo releases soon! 

DTA to Silent Auction threeA's Bambaland Store exclusive Metal Gear Solid Rex

Metal Gear Solid Rex by threeA

One of the Designer Toy Awards' Toy of the Year, threeA's Metal Gear Solid Rex figure is up for silent auction until 4pm EST today.  Those who would like to bid on this piece can send an email to DTA with your bid amount.  If you're the winner, you'll be notified today.  

Not only is this rare, nearly two foot high figure hard to find, but the auction is for the Bambaland Store exclusive version that includes a pilot figure.  Get to bidding!

-The Highest Fever

Resin P.U.N.K.S. (Powerful Useful Nasty Kommando Scums) are here!

Laserpunk Toys from France has these great sets up for sale at both Storenvy and BigCartel. You get 3 fully-packaged hand-painted resin figures, along with accessories, stickers and a mini-print for only $39.

The series is limited to 25 sets, and each figure is about 3 inches tall and sports 5 points of articulation.

You may notice the resemblance to old M.A.S.K. figures and that's no mistake! According to the creator:

P.U.N.K.S. is a tribute to the Mask action figures made by Kenner in the 80's: truly my favourite toyline as a kid.
I wanted to create toys that match the size and style of this dead and gone collection, I even added fake knee articulations to make them fit with the appearance of the original action figures.

"The P.U.N.K.S. were 3 dumb, aggressive and twisted kids who lived in a shabby alley, drinking booze, terrorizing the neighborhood and trashing the area. One day a mysterious man came to grant them with mysterious "power helmets" and strange weapons. He told them "thou shall rule the streets" and these 3 a**holes became the most dangerous criminals in town, armed with the very weapons of chaos and destruction..."

There's even a great one-shot "Stupid Origins" comic over at the Laserpunk Toys site.

I'm digging the look of these guys and I'm sure a lot of other mini figure enthusiasts will as well, so be sure to go get your set before they're all gone!


30" Demon Ranger Custom by Mikie Graham for TAG's Power Rangers 20th Anniversary Show

Mikie Graham of Zombie Monkie art recently showed off his insane custom 30" Demon Ranger for the Power Rangers 20th Anniversary show at Toy Art Gallery.

"I did my best to keep the original shape of the iconic power ranger figure, tweaking the sculpt as little as possible… that being said, you may notice a few changes. 
First off I removed “the Great Gosei” mask from the Ranger’s belt, molded him, then added my resin cast Gosei masks to four key locations on my design. I chopped off the original face to sculpt in the new snake face (including 2 real teeth) then using the Ranger’s original face I mounted it to his back to create the bug looking demon that you can see from behind. Finally a few minor sculpted details transformed the Rangers feet into monsters of their own…. shoes that Gene Simmons himself would be envious of! The rest was all hand painted using the contours of the rangers body as my guide. To finish him off I gave his massive cyclopean eyeball a good dose of gloss spray giving it that realistic wet look."

If you love him and need him in your life, the Demon Ranger is currently available online through TAG: HERE


Tony Devito's Best Buds Series 1 - More Reveals and Pricing Information!

Today we bring you three of the latest reveals in Best Buds Series 1!

California Orange, Strawberry Cough & Grand Daddy Purple and all of their friends have been cast in resin and custom painted by Tony Devito and We Are Not Toys.

These will be 29.99 each sold blind boxed or $420 for the set of 15 plus a mystery chase.

You can buy them all right here at Tenacious Toys on Sunday, December 15th!


Furleidoscope Blind Box Release Party

Furleidoscope Custom Show and Blind Box Release Party
Artist Markus Sjero will be presenting his Furly figure and customs from Bas Petter, Dennis Bauser, Cash Cannon, DeeTen, Diogo Machado, MetaMephisto, Don P., FlawToys, Bill Hewitt, jFury, K.Omega, One-Eyed Girl, Mike Die, ReetNeet, Brent Swart, TaskOner, Tony DeVito, Topz Greenfull ToyDesign, ViseONE, deadLemming, Frau Isa, Sixxa, repet-X, Sarah Lumen Heine!  The show will be presented at the AdHocPad-Gallery in Austria on December 13th.

After the show they will launch the sale of the customized Furlys as blindboxes. And as a very special opportunity the Outland-Store in Amsterdam will sell exclusively 9 Colorway Furlys too.

You can find out more here.

-The Highest Fever