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December 5, 2013

Inner Demons Custom Dunny by Davemarkart

Inner Demons custom 3" Dunny by Davemarkart
Dave Webb, aka Davemarkart, sent over one of his latest custom dunnys, titled Inner Demons. This epic dunny took Davemarkart several weeks to sculpt and paint, most of the time being spent on the head. Davemarkart even used the hashtag #epicdunny on Instagram, for all of his progress pics. It's amazing to see so much detail, in such a little space. However, from the picture of the completed piece in the sunlight, maybe the blue and green should have been flipped, not enough contrast of colors. Either way, the final product is great.
Inner Demons custom 3" Dunny by Davemarkart - From Davemarkart's Instagram
Inner Demons custom 3" Dunny by Davemarkart
Be sure to give Davemarkart a follow on Instagram and check out his store. Not a lot of pieces for sale on his store at the moment, but he's always creating, as can be seen on his Instagram feed.

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Best Buds Series 1 by Tony Devito - Blue Dream Revealed!

Blue Dream is the fourth of fifteen reveals for Best Buds Series 1, a custom resin series from Tony Devito and We Are Not Toys that will be available on December 15th here at Tenacious Toys.


Girls in animal suits!! by TO designs

This is awesome! All are 3 inch Dunny's.

Contact TO designs here:
or here:
KR board


The TIKI MASTER at work! He can do the real thing too!
When you say Tiki customs than you say NEMO a.k.a. Mike Mendez. I really have to post a selection of his works since they are all insanely sculpted and painted. Hope you guys enjoy these works as much as I do!

TikiPrime""Warrior.... My custom piece for the TRANSFORMER SHOW at Toy Tokyo 

Custom Tiki Vader Mask..Tiki Empire!

MAORI Tiki Warrior STYLE Iron Man Mask


Custom Tequila for MAHALO TIKI

TIKI SHARK..."KeKoa Mano" ,Warrior Shark!
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Le Chef and Cheese Head Fred by Bashprojects

Bash shows us our latest 7 inch custom Teas. The Le Chef custom is currently for sale in his store.

Le Chef is a sweet little cannibal. He's so sweet that he decided himself! So he took out a cup full of black water and turned up the fire. He added some herbs and some spices and after 25 to 30 minutes he cooked himself medium rare and was ready for dinner. But then he started thinking...How can I eat myself???

Fred the rat loves his teddybear called Ted! But there is one thing he loves more than ted.
he loves it so much, he even made a hat! You will be laughing and slapping your knees,
when I tell you that his hat is made out of...CHEESE!

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