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November 22, 2013

Mahalo Tiki presents NEMO's Resin Tiki

Resin Tiki by NEMO
Resin Tiki by NEMO

Based on a sculpt by Mike "NEMO" Mendez, Mahalo Tiki is proud to announce the Resin Tiki.  Available exclusively through Mahalo Tiki, these figures, cast by Kris Dulfer of KiD iNK iNDUSTRiES, will be produced in a limited run of 60 pieces in hand painted, tinted clear resin and glow-in-the-dark variations.  Each will be numbered and include a signature card from NEMO.

Check the Mahalo Tiki site for more announcements.

-The Highest Fever

The Disarticulators’ Oozeball Revealed in Full!

It’s been a couple of months since the debut of The Disarticulators‘ Oozeball at Superfestival 63, so it comes with great pleasure today to reveal that the general release will finally be happening this Friday!  
Designed/sculpted by Zectron and produced in a super-bouncy urethane rubber by Tru:Tek, the hugely popular Madball/Ooze-It send up will be touching down in ’open run’ editions of both “Bootleg Neon” and “OG” vintage green for $25 each, a batch of 10 in “Midnight” black again priced at $25, plus a super-limited run of custom hand rubs - available either on their own at $30, or as a set with the Deathball for $80… but that’s not all! 
There will also be a number of unique versions, including one-off, never to be repeated colourways and custom vintage-style hand sprays. 

Disarticulators' Oozeball
These are heading to the Man-E-Toys store this Friday, November 22nd at 9:00pm London time - be sure to get there early to avoid disappointment!

NOTE: Until the kinks are worked out with the fully playable Oozeball (softer rubber, complete with OOZE!), these will remain in the same harder “display only” rubber used in previous releases.