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November 6, 2013

DCon 2013: Shadoe Delgado x Trampt - Booth 601
This year, artist Shadoe Delgado is going to have a huge rainbow selection of hand painted cast pieces available at the Trampt Booth, #601. The pieces are casts created by TaskOne, from custom sculpted mini Munnys by Shadoe Delgado. Each one has been hand painted by Shadoe Delgado, to give it his signature style. Expect pricing to be somewhere in the range of $25-35 for one of these little guys. Also, expect there to be a few other pieces from Shadoe Delgado available as well.

Be sure to check these out in person at the Trampt Booth, #601.

DCon: Super Suck-Up 2 With Artist Lineup - Booth 126

DKE Toys and the Sucklord brings Super Suck-Up 2 to Designer Con 2013, a group art show featuring exclusive hand painted and customized Sucklord figures. Each design comes blister packed, with the packaging designed by the Sucklord, while each figure is designed and customized by the collaborating artist. Each figure is priced at $100 and will be sold starting at 11am on Saturday and sales will continue for the remainder of the con, or until the show is sold out.

Here is an example of packaging for J*Ryu's custom:

Each figure is going to have a different edition size depending on the artist.
From DKE Toys:

Edition sizes are as follows…
Bob Conge/Plaseebo -  edition of 28
Healeymade – edition of 30
Grody Shogun – edition of 50
JRYU – edition of 50
Jesse Hernandez – edition of 50
Leecifer – edition of 30
Michelle Valigura – edition of 29
Mike Egan- edition of 30
Sket One – edition of 50
TOUMA – edition of 50
UAMOU – edition of 50
Woes Martin – edition of 50
Scott Wilkowski – edition of 50
Sucklord – edition of 35
Sket-One's entry into Super Suck-up, all packaged and ready for purchase:

In addition to a bunch of awesome figures being available, all available artists will be signing on Saturday November 9th, at 1pm, at the DKE Toys Booth # 126. Any remaining figures will be made available on sometime after Designer Con is complete. 

DCon: A few Dragatomi Goodies - Booth 300

Dragatomi is going to have a lot going on during Designer Con 2013. In addition to a plethora of high number production toys, Dragatomi is also bringing a few limited edition goodies as well.

First up is a Fujisan Kush edition by Bigfoot, limited to 100 pieces and priced at $90.

A Green Cavey is also going to be available from the Dragatomi Booth, #300, at Designer Con. Limited to 25 pieces, this wonderful little Cavey is a creation of U.K. based artist A Little Stranger. Each one is priced at $25.

Making it's debut is the black Modern Hero Bank by Mad, Jeremy Madl. Priced at $150 and limited to 30 pieces, this 18" tall coin bank has been a long time in the making. A pink version made an appearance at NYCC. Mad will have a signing at the Dragatomi booth Saturday at 11am. Mad will probably be bringing along some Micro Madl goodies, so bring some cash and a sketchbook and show him some support.
All of Dragatomi's Designer Con exclusives can be found here, complete with pictures and pricing. It's likely, that anything not sold at the show, will be made available online soon after DCon.
- Mark-Anthony

DCon: Luke Chueh x Silent Stage - Booth 623

    Luke Chueh and Silent Stage are bringing some GID hand painted bear heads to Designer Con 2013. Available for $60 a piece and limited to 50 pieces, each head is going to be hand painted by Luke Chueh. These heads will go well with other choppers. Designer Con 2013 attendees should head over to Booth #623 early and pick up one of these GID Bear Heads.