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November 5, 2013

DCon: Chris Ryniak's Bugbite figure - Booth 400

In addition to Chris Ryniak's hand cast and hand painted Frostbite Fuzzlethumps, Chris will be bringing along some small robins egg blue figures called Bugbites to Designer Con 2013,
These fun little minis are going to be bagged with a header card and will cost $16. Limited to only 50 pieces, these little guys are going to go great with Amanda Louise Spayd's mini, Pipsqueak.


Only available at the Circus Posterus booth, #400 at DCon, these minis should be spoken for rather quickly. Circus Posterus will be doing sales of most, if not all available items, via the ticket method early in the morning each day. So, don't forget to make a plan, get your tickets for DCon ahead of time and arrive early to line up prior to doors opening.

DCon: 40Threads Octopus Plush - Booth 623
Artist 40Threads, aka Alisa Ross, is making a West Coast appearance at Designer Con 2013 and she has teamed up with Silent Stage to produce a DCon exclusive Octopus Plush. Limited to just 3 Octopi, each one is priced at $60 and features a red and black color scheme. Alisa has also been hard at work creating other plush including more Octopus Plushies, in other various colorways. No word on pricing for the other colors and/or other creations.
Be sure to check out the huge booth #623, where Alisa will be at when she is not customizing the huge 4 ft Dunny at the Kidrobot Booth with her husband, Scribe.

DCon: Mark Ultra Resin Figures - Booth 512


The Mark Ultra is bringing a bunch of new releases to Designer Con 2013. First in the bunch is the blister packed Intruder figure, packaged on micro-cards with art from Alexis Ziritt. The figure is going to be made available in 3 styles, with the Spiritual Intruder version being pictured above. These figures are going to be priced at $35 each. Be sure to stop by The Resin Syndicate Booth #512 to see the other versions of this figure.

Next in the line up is Intrudor, a lumbering behemoth of a bootleg, which stands over 6" tall. Available in painted flesh or black with GID accents, both styles come with two interchangeable heads and features three points of articulation. Limited to only 10 pieces total, each figure is priced at $50.image.jpeg

image.jpegMark Ultra is also bringing the Space Pirate King, which is limited to 6 pieces and priced at $30. These are going to come bagged with a header.

Last, but not least, Moon Base Ultra Dave is joining the resin fun. Priced at $20 each, these figures are cast in white with hand painted accents.
All of these figures are going to be available to The Resin Syndicate Booth #512. The Mark Ultra will also be bringing along some other customs and One-offs to Designer Con 2013. So, be sure to stop by the booth early, have a chat and check out all of his offerings.