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October 28, 2013

New Custm Lotus Troopers from Flawtoys

Flawtoys shares with us his new pair of custom Lotus Troopers for MintyFresh. These pieces will be available through MintyFresh and can be inquired at
I like how the red detailing on each helmet connects the two as a complimentary pair, but they also look attractive on their own.


Custom of the Month (The Customizers FB-group)

The custom of the past month of The Customizer group on Facebook is...
customizer: wake-the-dead
This is a 3 inch Dunny, called "Ghost"
What a great custom, it gives me a creepy feeling and it looks so real!
Follow wake-the-dead here:

YO! custom BLind-Box for D-con 2013!!!

LittleHouse Designs have announced that at this years D-con, they will be releasing a blind box series of custom pieces on their new figure. 20 artists from around the world are participating, and the figures are only $50 a piece!!! Artists include: Tanya Davis, Jenn and Tony Bot, Goreilla, AnthonyRespect, Marsbars84, Eric Sorrells, Kuztom51, ChainsawNick, MostlyHarmlessvinylcustoms, Theotherguy, Rottendaughter, MessyMedia, _s0l1d_, Flawtoys, Bio594, Zard Apuya, Fedzart, BriksDozen, PlayfulGorilla/DonChulo, Enkyskulls, Krunster77, WheelhouseCreative, Troy Martin, Konfusedink, Blazonbrikhaus, and Sekohone! 

All customs will be on display and sold at random with the box having a corresponding number for the piece. You can find them at D-Con booth 501! They are also going to raffle off a custom piece on the 10th, for those that have followed thier IG (@LittleHouseDesigns) and re-posted ANY of their announcements... one re-post=one ticket, with no limit on re-post's OR tickets! So the more you re-post the more chances you have of winning... get re-posting!!!