NYCC 2016
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October 20, 2013

NYCC 2013: Sunday Oct 13 featuring our signing with 123KLAN and packing up

Absolutely amazing custom action figure by Jason Chalker & Kris Dulfer. THANKS GUYS!!!

... and Jason & Kris even made a carded 2-pack of me and Steph! How fucking cool is this.

Clutter created a whole series of trading cards featuring all the DTA finalists! We didn't win, so don't take this as a proclamation of Tenacious winning. We all got cards in the series!

Humbled. Really? This blog you're reading was a finalist in this category. Amazing. Thank you.

Yes, that is actually KLOR & SCIEN of 123KLAN signing at our table. Thanks Wolfgang for setting that up!

Last pic. VISEone at 1am Monday morning. I took him to an American diner after he helped me deep into the night, packing up, loading up and unloading. Forever my German brother. Thank you buddy. So good to spend time with you again.

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