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October 8, 2013

NYCC Exclusive Erick Scarecrow prints available at Tenacious Toys

Freiza x Erick Scarecrow print
These two 11 x 17 giclee prints by Erick Scarecrow will be exclusive to the Tenacious Toys booth #208 during NYCC. Metal Gear Solid- Solid x Scarecrow print will be $50 each with an edition size of 20pcs. The Frieza x Scarecrow print will be $20 with an edition size of 10pcs. Erick is signing at our booth at 5PM on Saturday. Be there! Prints will only be available during the signing.
Metal Gear Solid x Erick Scarecrow print

Geekenhaven Studios NYCC Resin Exclusives

Geekenhaven Studios (TDAWG and WolverineBurger) will be at NYCC for the first time this year. In addition to a number of custom pieces, we're also bringing two different resin exclusives. The will both be available each day at Booth 401 in The Block.

The first is our Sickophant. This chunky little bastard is over 2 inches tall, almost 3 inches across, and he'll look just disgustingly cool on your shelf or holding down a stack of Garbage Pail Kids trading cards. There will be solid pink and clear green versions, with various colored paint rubs and a couple of fully painted customs by each of us. The Sickophant was sculpted and cast by Steven Patt of Papagrim Toys based on a design by WolverineBurger. Price is $25 for paint rubs and $40 for customs.

The other surprise we have for you all is a collection of 4 different Glyos-compatible resin heads. "Cry of the Echosphere" is just the beginning of our fun little addition to the ever expanding Glyos Universe and we'll be revealing much more behind the story and our plans for the line with another major release after NYCC.

For now, we'll have a handful of single test shots available each day in a variety of colors, and as with the Sickophant, a small number of fully built and painted customs by each of us. These were sculpted by TDAWG and cast by Imagination Asylum. There aren't many to go around for now, so we'll only be releasing about 7-8 single heads per day. Price is $8 each or $30 for a full set.

Be sure to get there early!

40% off Tenacious Toys Exclusive Uncle Argh Noir Mini Qee by Scott Tolleson with code 40pctoff

Today's 40% off product is a Tenacious Toys exclusive, the Uncle Argh Noir Mini Qee by Scott Tolleson. This is the second colorway of this piece and availble only at the Tenacious Toys online store.  The vinyl piece stands 5 inches tall, is limited to only 500 pieces and was produced by Toy2R.

Scott Tolleson called Benny of Tenacious Toys one day and asked if he wanted to have the Argh Noir colorway as a Tenacious Toys exclusive. Of course, Benny did, but he didn't have the money to fund the run of 500 Mini Qees. So Benny turned to Kickstarter, the crowd-funding platform, and put together his first Kickstarter project. After a nail-biting 2 months, the Argh Noir Kickstarter was fully funded and the money was sent to Toy2R to begin production! We are now selling the Årgh Noirs as we would any other product on our website since all Argh Noir Mini Qee rewards have been shipped to the backers of the project.

Typically the figure sells for $28, but for a limited time you can pick one up for only $16.80 at the Tenacious Toys online store by using the code 40pctoff.