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October 7, 2013

40% off NYCC Exclusive Jon-Paul Kaiser Pandaimyo Royal Guard Mini Qee with code 40pctoff

This Jon-Paul Kaiser Pandaimyo Blue Mini Qee is a Tenacious Toys NYCC Exclusive. The vinyl  figure stands 5 inches tall and is limited to 300 pieces. The piece is produced by Toy2R and designed by Jon-Paul Kaiser. Typically the figure sells for $28, but for a limited time you can pick one up for only $16.80 at the Tenacious Toys online store by using the code 40pctoff.

SubUrban Vinyl NYCC Exclusives Cover

Suburban Vinyl Exclusives Booth208

Forces of Dorkness releases 2 editions of magnetic, interchangeable-parts "Minions of Dorkness". 10 sets and 2 mystery colour sets will be available, choose your favourite colour! They stand approx 5" and are 30$ea.

Forces of Dorkness "Minions of Dorkness" 30$ea

Forces of Dorkness "Minions of Dorkness" 30$ea
JFury Bunny Boom Boom "Mountain Dew" Colorway 4" resin figure, edition of 10pcs 65$ea

Edition of 10, 65$ea
Juan Muniz's Philipe The Bunny teal colorway edition of 10 for 30$ea. Find Juan at his signing at Booth 208 Oct11 2-3pm.
Edition of 10, 30$ea
Nemo's Vampire Blood Droplet, clear resin 2.5"
Vampire Blood Droplet Booth 208
Mark Nagata of Max Toy's King Negora 1/1 figure 175$
One of a kind King Negora 175$

Argonaut Resin's Cracked Resin Mini Tuttz blindbox series. 3 colorways in an edition of 12 pieces for 50$ea, exclusive to NYCC.
Mini Tuttz Blind Box series 50$ea Booth 208