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September 30, 2013

Mighty Wallet x Ron English Popaganda Dynomighty Wallet - NYCC Exclusive

Mighty Wallet has always had a friend in Ron English, but their recent release of a full line-up of Popaganda wallets puts the two in close company. To celebrate all the is amazing with Popaganda, Dynomighty is releasing an exclusive Popaganda Logo wallet for those of you lucky enough to make it to NYCC. Stop by booth #505 to pick up yours, and to enter to win a signed sketch by the man himself. Also Ron will be signing and sketching at the booth Saturday the 12th from 4-5PM! Come meet the man, shake his hand, or just stand there in awe.
 Make sure you swing by booth #505 Saturday and pick up one of these eye-catching wallets and maybe a sketch from Ron English as well!

40% off Kidrobot Major Lazer edition 8-inch vinyl Mascot with code 40pctoff

1984: the Olympic Games are held in LA, President Reagan runs for re-election, the AIDS epidemic runs rampant, and underneath it all, the secret Zombie War rages. One secret soldier is rescued from the fray, his arm gone, but his spirit strong. He is given an experimental lazer prosthetic and hired by the CIA to continue his fight against the forces of evil. He fronts as a dancehall nightclub owner from Trinidad, though in truth, he is a badass Jamaican keeping the world safe from vampires and monsters, while partying hard and tweeting.

Major Lazer Kidrobot is an 8 inch vinyl homage to the renegade soldier turned CIA operative. A collaborative project of the DJ/producers Diplo and Switch, Major Lazer debuted with the album Guns Don't Kill People... Lazers Do in 2009, followed by Lazers Never Die in 2010. Major Lazer Kidrobot has a uniquely sculpted head and lazer arm to properly capture his eighties commando style and signature prosthetic.

This 8" vinyl figure usually sells for $49.95, but for a limited time only you can snatch one up for only $29.97 at the Tenacious Toys online store by using the code 40pctoff.