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September 4, 2013

Someone had been busy...

He made way more than this in the last month, but here is a selection of excellent custom Dunny's from Mike Die. Go fast to his store, maybe you have some luck that some are still for sale!

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Trikky Owl by One -Eyed Girl

Brilliant custom!

Finally uploaded photos of this dude. Commissioned 7" Trikky. Bammer had a rough day!

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Flower Factory by Taylored Curiosities

Like the creativity on this one, so much to look at!

I wanted to share my most recent Dudebox creation with you.  It is available from Dudebox themselves here

It is my third Dudebox custom, this time on a 7" Scratch toy and is part of my Morrow collection.  I used a combination of cutting, sculpting, painting, needle felting, casting, laser cutting and up-cycling to create this piece.

'Did you think that flowers grew on their own? No no! The Flower Morrow know their life path early on when a small stem starts to grow from their heads. At this point their mothers begin training them ready for work at the Flower Factory when they come of age.
They spend their days researching which flower types would look best in their assigned regions of the land and what will be popular in the new season. Then they plant and grow the flowers at the factory. Once fully grown, the flowers are shipped to their destinations where they will be re planted.
It’s a long, tiring day working at the factory, but they sure do a good job of making the world look nice!'

Custom Trooper Lotus madness! has asked some customizers to customize their ToyCon Uk 2013 exclusive Trooper Lotus (Mightyjaxx/Clogtwo). Here are the first three customs from Reet Neet (R3) and Don P (all 3 sold out). I heard that more will follow...keep an eye on their store!

ROCKY RHINO custom Jouwe by Task One

This custom has everything. Great paints, great sculpting and I really love the concept. Excellent in my book!

Rocky rhino from Battle Beasts... 80's trandsformer spin off.. custom jouwe produced by MyTummy Toys and Kuso Vinyl... roughly 10" tall.. Done as a commissioned piece... September 2013...

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  - Don P