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August 30, 2013

Product of the Day - Frank Kozik William, Reginald & Henry Classic edition by Arts Unknown

In the chronicles of exploration, few feats match Lord William Fitzpatrick Smythe’s adventures into the vast unknown heart of the blank space known as Inner Lemuria. Follow him, and his faithful retainers Reginald ‘Mamoo’ Withers and Henry ‘Hop’ Newtsbridge, as they discover the mystic and ancient ruins of La-Er.

William, Reginald and Henry were designed by Frank Kozik and produced by Arts Unknown. Only 150 pieces were made in this colorway and the vinyl figure stands 8 inches tall. Pick one up for $110 today at the Tenacious Toys online store.

threeA - HALO - Spartans

Following on from threeA's release earlier this year of the Halo Commander Carter - Spartan III and the Halo Spartan MKV - Commando (Bambaland Exclusive) is the next two versions... HALO - A239 EMILE SPARTAN-III (He's a badass, as my son puts it!!) and HALO - SPARTAN MARK V EVA (Bambaland Exclusive)

On sale now for a limited time on threeA's Bambaland Store

Each Figure stands 13.5 inches tall
Fiber-Optic Illuminated Combat Armor
Magnetized Shoulder Shields
Rubberized Suit Over A Fully Articulated Body With Complete Outer Armor Attachments
Fully Articulated Fingers
Cloth Tactical Soft Case With Functioning Clasps
M45 Tactical Shotgun
Removable Kukri Knife With Sheath
Removable Grenade Canisters
Magnetized Grenade Shells

Price $220.00USD

Most likely that the normal version will be offered to retailers, so if you miss this sale, ask your local 3A vendor! If your stuck, give me a shout!

Thanks you for reading!

Wai Man