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August 10, 2013

The Purge - Custom Dynamite Rex by Ardabus Rubber

"The Purge", as it's titled by Ardabus Rubber, is a Custom Dynamite Rex figure for the Clutter Gallery and Dynamite Rex Custom RAAAR! group show. The Custom RAAAR! show is a collaborative group exhibition which features customs by a number of artists, utilizing RAAAR!, a Dynamite Rex figure. Ardabus Rubber's contribution features bright colors, with slight color gradients, in his typical style often seen with his art. Flowing lines, bright colors with black outlines, along with the black accents over the pink base, really brings the figure to life. If this piece doesn't sell at the show opening night, be sure to look for this and the remaining figures online at the Clutter Gallery Shop.

The Custom RAAAR! Show opens August 10th at Clutter Gallery, with a reception from 6PM-9PM, and will remain up until September 6th. If you are in the area of Beacon, NY, it wouldn't hurt to make a stop and check out all the awesome customs.

"Ring of Fire" - A Hell Lotus Custom by Obscure

As Super Cooper's Annual group show approaches, participating artists start to reveal his/her contribution for the show which has a theme of  "Music to my ears". Matt "Obscure" Perez sent over his contribution for the show which he named "Ring of Fire". Inspired by the Social Distortion version of the Johnny Cash song, Ring of Fire, Obscure decided to make his custom using a Mighty Jaxx Hell Lotus figure.
Obscure gave the Hell Lotus figure a "greaser" look, complete with leather jacket, cuffed jeans and slicked hair. Obscure also added a Social Distortion logo on the back of the jacket and gave the guy sitting in a ring of fire, a martini glass to hold. Some very good details overall, however, some extra paint work on the flames would really make them dance. Matt "Obscure" Perez is open for commissions and will also be participating in other group shows, also being held at TAG, later this year. Anyone looking to commission Obscure can do so at the following email: matthew [at] angrykoalagear [dot] com. Make sure to follow Obscure on Instagram: @obscureakg and keep up with all of his latest creations.
With Munky King shutting down it's retail location on Melrose, this years Super Cooper Annual Group show is going to be held at Toy Art Gallery. Opening night is going to be held on August 24th and the show will run until September 10th. Many local artists, including Super Cooper himself, are always expected to be in attendance at the show. Having gone to two of the shows in the past, I expect there to be a good turn out with lots of energy.

INCOMING: 3-inch Thunderpanda Lemi figures from TDM x PO Mini Series

 The 3-inch vinyl Lemi the Space Wanderer figure was produced by The Design Mall to be a part of their TDM x PO! blind box mini figure series. As with any blind box series, the manufacturer always has a small number of each particular figure in excess which they might sell individually, or send to the artists. In this case, our strong relationship with Eric from Thunderpanda allowed us to purchase the 30 Lemi figures that didn't go into blind box case packs. We've had a number of Lemi products before this so we naturally jumped at the chance to carry these.

They are in transit right now, on the way to us from Hong Kong. We'll have 29 to sell (you bet your ass I'm keeping one!) and they will be $12.95 each.

Fucked Up Kids Series 2 by Renone now up for preorder

Our friend Renone (who has in the past printed our super sweet die-cut full color blue dog stickers) is rolling out Series 2 of his Garbage Pail Kids parody Fucked Up Kids. Consider that GPK is in itself a parody of Cabbage Patch Kids, we're getting extremely subversive here. You will be both repulsed and horrified, and you will love it. This series is offensive and perverse.

FUK Series 2 returns with even more surprises!
 This series will be a random mix of stickers from all the artists in series two, and 1 sticker from series one. Also, chase stickers return with a ratio to be determined by pre-orders. Error cards will return to Series 2. The Golden Ticket will also return, allowing your name to be made into a Fuk in series 3. New packaging from Side Kick Labs means this series will have a true wax pack. Pre-orders will get a exclusive sticker only available to those customers.

Artist roster below, and there are some secret artists as well...all can be found on Instagram:


and more.... Line-up subject to change ...

Expect Series 2 to be shipped in October.