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August 8, 2013

NEXT LEVEL - Yakimon Ceramic Kaiju by Miles Nielsen

Ceramic Mutton Chopper Ape
CERAMIC Takoshi by Yakimon

Welcome to the second installment of my irregular series of articles highlighting work that I consider "Next Level".  Up this time, the ceramic kaiju inspired creations of Yakimon / Miles Nielsen.

Next Level Checklist:
  1. The Medium is the Message.  Ceramic!?  Taking a material almost as old as human civilization and adapting it to a very contemporary genre is encouraging to see.  It pushes the boundaries of what most modern collectors would consider a "toy" while only 50 years ago, dolls with ceramic parts were the norm.
  2. Details.  Tight, evocative sculpting with accessories and an alternate head.  The changeable head definitely took me by surprise (in a good way).
  3. Strong cast of characters.  Kappa, Takoshi, Ikakumora, Shishi, and the rest look great and have neat little stories.
  4. Price.  $200-$350.  The amount of work that goes into these is worth much more.  If you dig through his Instagram there is a video of the assembly process (about 2 hours) condensed into 15 seconds.  What is doesn't show is the sculpt, plaster mold, slip casting, firing, glazing, re-firing and finish work that goes into each one.
I can't wait to see what will come next from Yakimon.  In the mean time, check out the website, FacebookInstagram and Flickr!

Product of the Day - Ron English Count Calorie 8 inch vinyl figure

The latest figure in the Ron English "Cereal Killer" series, Count Calorie is a breakfast cereal mascot suffering from the effects of eating his own product. Standing 8" tall and packaged in a Count Calorie extra wide cereal box, this figure will be a great addition to your collection. Despite the packages promise, a free glucometer is not included, but can expect the nutrition printed on the front. 

Count Calorie is available now for $60 on the Tenacious Toys website. For more views of the packaging, hit the jump.