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August 1, 2013

The Custom RAAAR! Show Reveal: RX

The Clutter Gallery RAAAR! Custom Show is shaping up to be AMAZING!  Another figure revealed, RX's RaaarZilla!  The details really make this piece, right down to the train car Zilla's snacking on.  And you've got to hand it to RX on his transformation from 2D turnaround design to 3D custom figure.  Faithful to his original design in nearly every way!

"The Custom RAAAR! Show," a custom group exhibition done in collaboration with Dynamite Rex, will open on Saturday, August 10th with a reception from 6-9PM local time and be on display until Friday, September 6th, 2013 at The Clutter Gallery, 163 Main St., Beacon, NY 12508.

Prior to the exhibition opening, members of The Clutter Gallery's Preview List will be able to purchase pieces from the show. Those interested in adding these fantastic works to their collection should join the Preview List HERE.

Participating Artists Include: Ardabus Rubber, ArtmyMind, Bashprojects, Betso, Charles Rodriguez, Chuckboy, coolvader, Cucaracha Borracha, FullerDesigns, Haus of Boz, Ian Ziobrowski, Igor Ventura, Jason Limon, JC Rivera, Jeremiah Ketner, JFury, Kevin Gosselin, Kong Andri, Laura Lorén, MAp-MAp, Nerviswr3k, Nikejerk, Otto Björnik, PodgyPanda, Rsinart, RunDMB, Sekure D, Sergio Mancini, 64 Colors, Stuart Witter, Task One, UNCLE and the winner(s) of the design contest.

-The Highest Fever

Metroid Fine Art Prints from Ardabus Rubber

Not everyone can own a big sexy original painting. But, you could own a big sexy Fine Art Print which perfectly replicates all of the colour and details of said painting- Ardabus Rubber's Metroid inspired painting "My First Crush", which debuted at 1AM Gallery's Game On Exhibition, is now available for pre-order as a 16x20" Fine Art Print.
Earliest orders will receive the lowest edition numbers, in the edition of 50. Find yours here.
For more information, contact , or be sure to follow AR's Facebook and Instagram @ardabusrubber

Dynamite Rex Raar! Exhibition Reveals- Patrick Wong

The Dynamite Rex "Raaar!" Exhibition is coming up quick. Opening at The Clutter Gallery on August 10th, the exhibition features a lineup of skilled artists customizing 6" Vinyl Raar toys, as well as lucky contest winners- like Patrick Wong.
Check out Patrick's custom Raar "Rex of the Dominators".

A couple show pieces in the works spotted on Instagram from Jfury and Ardabus Rubber.
We'll keep an eye out for other reveals, and unveiled contest winners, from the exhibition lineup;


Anurapode Micro Munny series by Squarefrog Designs

I extremely love these monthly series from Squarefrog Designs...

Anurapode blindbox micro munny series £35 + postage $55 + postage 10% discount to any one who has bought from me in the past.

Follow SquareFrogDesigns here:
      - Don P 

TAG Teaser - Mock Satan King Alavaka

First teaser image for the second exclusive Alavaka release during August. More info to follow soon. Release date 08.09.13. Ohhh mysterious.

Product of the Day - "Eyes of the Dragon" Mystery Machine by AW177

I have no idea how this custom was not picked up at the Candy Coated custom show, it is a functioning gumball dispenser built into a 10" MadL figure. "Eyes of the Dragon"" is a one of a kind figure from AW177. How cool would this be when your friends come over. Aww you want some gum? Put a quarter in my figure over there, gum ain't free. The figure features a quarter slot dispenser on the front, a lockable butt to get your money and a head that opens to fill with candy. It is available now for $350 at the Tenacious Toys online store.