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July 25, 2013

NEXT LEVEL - Plastic Cell Marzy


To celebrate my triumphant return to blogging here, I'm going to do a series of posts about folks that I feel are doing "Next Level" work.

First up is the new Marzy release from Plastic Cell.

So why does this qualify as "Next Level"?
  1. Double DIY:  Sculpt, mold and cast blank THEN sculpt and paint customs?  Awesome.
  2. Presentation:  Full color packaging, figure with accessories and a print.  Take notes folks.
  3. Price: Total package price for the Marzy figure - $89 plus shipping.  Accessible to collectors but not astronomical.  Perfect pricing.
  4. Quality: Just a damn nice looking figure.  Evocative and respectful of the source without being a shameless rip off.
All the releases are based on a blank figure sculpted and cast by the Plastic Cell crew called "White Cell".  They can be purchased individually for an exceptionally reasonable $15 (mine was $22 shipped).

So check them out on Facebook and Instagram!

Ian Ziobrowski kills it...

Just saw these amazing customs on Ian's Facebook account. These customs blew me totaly away!
"Roasting" this Nuggyeater is one of the biggest yet. Standing 12 inches tall this custom Paw Raw can be seen miles away roasting the finest in NUGGLIFE. These are not commonly seen creatures, but will devour fields within minuets. Best have some good traps, cause it will take a lot to take one of these down.

The "Pill Keeper"... Evil has come to NUGGLIFE.. For a green country only something must done. Even Crook Ed the cop doesn't approve.

Leafy "HAZE" custom, and "The Burnt Snails" custom Betso dunny. Snails will be Available online.
Follow Ian Ziobrowski (Nugglife) here:
      - Don P

Product of the Day - Carson Catlin 8 inch CMYKat Qee Magenta

This piece is based on the 8" Kat Qee platform by Toy2R. The piece is hand-carved and painted by artist Carson Catlin (aka CCC) and originally appeared in our NYCC 2012 booth. Titled CMYKat Qee Magenta, this one of a kind custom is available now for $150 in the Tenacious Toys online store.

We Become Monsters unleashes Dimension Hoppers!

 From one universe to the next the Dimension Hoppers by We Become Monsters have journeyed here to search out new companions for their travels.  These 5" tall resin creatures feature articulated heads and hand painted details. Available in Pink, Blue, Sol, Glow, Battle, Tundra, Swamp and Funker, you're sure to find a pal who fits right in with your universe jumping lifestyle!

Dimension Hoppers will be available Friday, July 26th at Noon EST for $55. 

All orders get a free micro SLAB (while supplies last, and supply of these is dwindling) and entered for random drawings to get a full size WBM SLAB. SLABs are our waste reduction program that turns waste resin into art. Liking also adds another chance for a large size SLAB.

Golden Rainbow Wing Kruzzilla from Ministry of Kongz

Golden Rainbow Wing Kruzzilla
Golden Rainbow Wing Kruzzilla
Behold the Monster Kolor-adorned Golden Rainbow Wing Kruzzilla from Ministry of Kongz toys and Toph. They're $40 each, in an edition of 5. Made of vinyl. Buy them here.