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July 18, 2013


She looks like cross between a cartoon character and Bond girl.  Rocking a skin-tight spacesuit, air tank and platform heels and cold nipples, Pascha is modelled with the threeA style you've come to love.

With all of the details in Chinese (and wacky Google translation), the most I can tell you is that Darkside Pascha is available for pre-order here for just $120.

For those of you at San Diego Comic Con this year, you may be able to grab Pascha as SDCC exclusive white suit with blonde hair.  I gotta say, I think I'm in love...

via Toy People

-The Highest Fever

Matt Anderson Solo Show: come get your ass slapped!

Matt Anderson's solo show "Color Blind" at SubUrban Vinyl in Waldwick, NJ July 27th
HOT DAMN! Matt A* went and got hisself a solo show up north in New Jersey!

Sure to be a hoot! Come on down to SubUrban Vinyl, a shop run by a few of my friends in Waldwick, NJ. Saturday, July 27th is the day that Matt A* will bring the Anger Lair to the freezing north of Jersey! I'll be there wearing my tighty whiteys on the outside of my shorts.
 The address is:
4 Frederick St, Waldwick, New Jersey 07463

 Ass slaps and poo boxes abound when Matt Anderson rolls up!

I dunno what's going on here but it's probably perverted.

I guess maybe I should actually share the details of the show:

On July 27th from 6pm-9pm, come join us in Waldwick, NJ for artist Matt A*s first solo show, "Color Blind".
Matt will be showcasing some amazing new works direct from his "Anger Lair". During the event he will be releasing 2 exclusives for his show and Suburban Vinyl. The first exclusive will be a limited run of 5 JA-M13's, exclusive to the event only! They will come with 5 Different colors of GID in the glass canister! 
Matt also has an exclusive color way of his outsmART original T-shirt design in green just for Suburban Vinyl! 
The event preview will go live on at 5pm EST on July 26th. Any Remaining Exclusive show pieces will go online the following Tuesday July 29th.

Well there ya have it, folks.

Anger, ass slapping and naked wives. Be there July 27th.

Custom Mac from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends by The Highest Fever

Available now in my Storenvy shop, Mac from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.  Enjoy!

Get it here!

-The Highest Fever

Product of the Day - Tesselate Double B Squad custom Mini Munny Red

Double B are a pyrotechnics crew who specialise in hyper speed displays. Each member of the squad is an expert in their given field as these displays are very technical and ultimately dangerous.

Only three hundred residents perished in the most recent display, where a '33special' ricocheted off of a passing SyroCruiser and ignited a nearby stack of loose Lorantium.

Luckily one of the squad has a resurrection ray on them and managed to bring the residents back to life.

This figure is a piece of an 8 part series called the Double B Squad designed by Tesselate exclusively for Tenacious Toys. Each figure is based on the Kidrobot 4" Dunny platform and features head and arm articulation. This red version is available now for $55 at the Tenacious Toys website.