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July 11, 2013

Nathan Hamill x 3DRetro's Octopup SDCC Exclusive CYMK Edition

Had enough San Diego Comic Con exclusives yet?  Yeah, me neither.  So you'll certainly be stoked to hear about Nathan Hamill and 3DRetro's SDCC exclusive CYMK Octopups.  Last month we got a cherry "flavored" translucent red edition.  Carrying on with the series is a four pack of the Japanese-made sofubi vinyl canine cephalopod in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (yes, I know it's Key) all polybagged with with a header card.

Stop by the 3DRetro booth #5051 at SDCC and grab one of these extremely limited sets for $40.

From Plastic To Pixels: SlickFlick Brings Vinyl Toys To Your iOS Photos

SlickFlick, the iOS app that allows you to create animated stories from pictures to share with friends, now let's you unlock your imagination.  Partnering with some of your favorite vinyl toy artists, SlickFlick features virtual stickers of characters from A Little Stranger, Matt Jones, and Teodor Badiu.  Bring Cavey to your beach trip.  Have tea time with Lunartik and Friends.  Picnic with Usagi.   

You can find the SlickFlick app in the iOS App Store.  Start sharing your life and your love toys with SlickFlick!

Carson Catlin "Riot Smoke" Reticulated Box Available NOW at Vinyl Riot!


The latest color way of Carson Catlin's stunning Reticulated Box is now available at Vinyl Riot.  The exclusive color, Riot Smoke, is sure to look great with the rest of your collection.  Hurry up and snag yours quick, this set is limited to 10 pieces!  


Latest customs from Don P

Shameless self promotion! Read all about it! Read all about it! LOL! My latest customs. Some 3 inch Dunny's and a 16 inch Mecha Banana (Frank Kozik).
Bakana Banana, 16 inch Mecha Banana
Raccoon Thief, 3 inch Dunny
Mecha Dog, 3 inch Dunny
Mecha Ape, 3 inch Dunny

New custom from DCAY574 - "The Ghost Ronin"

DCAY574 presents "The Ghost Ronin," a custom Ghost Tribe Warrior by Beefy&Co. It is part of the group show "The Ghost Within Us" that will be at SDCC at the Beefy&Co booth #5646.

The custom will be available for $300, so if you're at SDCC, stop by the booth and pick up this beautiful custom.

Gun Smoke and Mustard Gas Gummy Bears by Crummy Gummy and Manny X

Ah, Gummy Bears.  Lovable little characters and delicious snacks.


Not these Gummys.  These innocent faces hide a pure evil.  These little guys can't wait unleash whatever dastardly plans the conceive on their fellow Bears.  Or YOU!   Take Mustard Gas, for instance.  Designed to trick soldiers of WWI and II into eating them, only to result in terrible chemical burns and blisters.

Chemical weapons not your thing?  How about Gun Smoke?  No tricks here.  Just the pull of a trigger.  The Gun Smoke Gummy is so hardcore, they come with a spent shell casing embedded inside them!  Evil to the core.

Available tomorrow, July 12th, Mustard Gas and Gun Smoke will come in two sizes.  Regular 3" for $30.00 and mini 1.75" (for when you want your evil bears pocket sized) for $17. Plus 1 out 5 figures will be a special "Taste Test" chase figure! Don't sleep on these.  In addition to being dangerous, they're only available until Midnight Friday!  

Mascot by Sekure D

Sekure D has been busy with his passion....customizing Mascots. Here are his latest Mascots.

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Product of the Day - Sweet Suicide by Billy Roids

Today's featured product is a one-of-a-kind custom toy created for the Candy-Coated Custom Show by Billy Roids. "Sweet Suicide" is based on the 7" Kidrobot munny figure and features a melting figure doing itself in with a magnifying glass. 

This one of a kind custom from Billy Roids is available now for $300 at the Tenacious Toys website.

Customs on SDCC 2013 (part 1)

I am always happy when the SDCC comes, because it always delivers some insane customs. Here are some customs I spotted on the net for this event. I reckon that I will show you guys some more custom this week. When you are an artist and you have also works on SDCC, than hit me up



Tasha Zimich


Carson Catlin





Jeremiah Ketner

The latest 8 inch Dunny from Pocket Wookie

Just spotted this 8 inch Dunny on Facebook, had to show it to you guys. Love the whole concept.

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Mini Nook Dunny by Charles Rodriguez

Charles Rodriguez is mostly working on the bigger sized platforms, love it when he shows his skills on a small platform too. He just released this 3 inch Dunny, impressive on all fronts.

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