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July 9, 2013

Josh Mayhem's Qi-Qillbots

Impressive work from Josh Mayhem. I like it when he adds a lot of details to his customs.
Josh Mayhem presents the Qi-Qillbots - Custom Qiqi's for the Creo Design booth @ Cardiff Tattoo and Toy Con. Both pieces include multiple points of articulation and will be available for $125.00 each. 

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     - Don P

Product of the Day - Shawn Wigs custom Candy Licker Dunny Number 84

Shawn Wigs created 100 blind-boxed custom 3" Dunnys for his Candy Licker release. Each custom, incredibly, is very different. I'm astonished at how much work he put into these. Different colors, themes, accessories- it's crazy! The customs come packaged in nice boxes, with foam inside to protect them. Each Dunny comes with a CD single (3 tracks) created by Shawn and featuring his friend Method Man (yes, Method Man of the Wu-Tang Clan!). Shawn has graciously allowed us to open up the blind boxes and sell them open-box so you can pick your favorites!

  • 3" Dunny customized by Shawn Wigs
  • part of Shawn's Candy Licker series of 100 blind-boxed Dunnys
  • comes in a solid flip-top box with foam on the inside
  • each custom is hand-customized and painted by Shawn
  • each piece has a hand-written and numbered card inside
  • each custom comes with the CD single, a collab between Shawn and Method Man of the Wu-Tang Clan
This is Number 84 out of the series of 100 and is on sale now for 40% off, only $30 at the Tenacious Toys website.

New From Pobber Hero And Baddie

Pobber announce the next greatest superhero-wannabe; Hero. This 6.5" Mork variant looks just about ready for bed in his adorable PJs- but don't sleep, or you might miss the 270pc edition. Pobber advertise that Mork Hero, and his little nemesis "Baddie" seen below, are available at major toy stores.
For more news, follow Pobber's Facebook or Twitter @Pobbertoys


DBR & Pac23's Bob-Om Is Coming

Pac23 created a really neat Bob-Om illustration that has inspired a resin figure, sculpted and hand tooled by DeepBlueRealm and hand-painted by Pac23.
Around 10 colorways are currently planned for upcoming release, with an estimated x6 pieces per colorway. Being hand-tooled and hand-painted, each piece will have slight unique variations that give it individual character. And each of these individuals is anticipated to retail for 220$ shipped domestic.
These Bob-Om are being showcased at Kidrobot Miami, where a 1-of Pink colorway + 12x12" print is exclusively available, and will be available for private sale through and anticipated to ship in September.
For more of Pac23 and DBR's releases, be sure to follow DRB's Facebook and both their Instagram/Twitter @pac23 and @deepbluerealm