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July 4, 2013

Super Series Sundays Release: Mercury by Mo Abedin

Mercury by Mo Abedin
 16-inch Resin Mercury by Mo Abedin

A mischievous conqueror, rendered invisible by a veil of speed, he silently scouts the land in search of something in its awakening. Along his way he steals the final gasps of life from his enemies, for everything is arguably his, such is the way of the Deity Mercury, the King of Thieves.

This Sunday, July 7th at noon EST, we will host the U.S. release of Mo Abedin's new 16-inch resin sculpture of Roman god Mercury on our Super Series Sundays page.

Currently Tenacious Toys has the U.S. Exclusive on these figures, which are designed in Dubai by Mo Abedin and produced in the Philippines by Resin Mechanics.

Mercury is limited to 100 pieces total, worldwide, and Tenacious Toys will have access to 10 of those. Each Mercury is lovingly handcrafted and hand painted, made to order. Lead time is 5 weeks.

Mercury is priced at $750.

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Mercury by Mo Abedin
Mercury by Mo Abedin

Mercury by Mo Abedin

Mercury by Mo Abedin