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June 20, 2013

MagneBricks Building Blocks on Kickstarter

MagneBricks Building Blocks
Magnebricks are innovative building blocks featuring powerful magnets and interlocking features for creative play with a fun "click"!

Each 22x44mm brick contains 10 of the most powerful rare earth magnets (Neodymium Grade 52) that we could fit inside each of the 10 facets.  What makes Magnebricks special as an activity for kids is that each brick has male and female interlocking features allowing for building along all 3 Axis in both full and half-brick steps.  The interlocking features not only help to strengthen the connection, but also make it easy to know which faces will attract.  We have taken the best of the traditional plastic building bricks we’re all familiar with and added the magical magnetic attraction that kids (and adults) love. In addition to building in 2D and 3D on your desk, you can even play a building blocks game on your refrigerator (or many other metallic surfaces) for even more creative play!

MagneBricks are also great for children, adults, and the elderly who may not have the manual dexterity required of other building blocks such as Lego.  They can be used for Occupational Therapy for special needs such as Autism and developmental delays since they automatically pull together and interlock when near each other.

I'm a backer! I'm gonna send my MagneBricks to my niece and nephew on the West coast.

Click here to read more, and to back the Kickstarter to bring this fun toy project to life!

Ardabus Rubber Dunny2013 APs Drop 6/21/13


So, if you're like me, you've been ripping into Blindboxes of Kidrobot's new Dunny 2013 Sideshow- and haven't pulled Ardabus Rubber's Ruck design (1/40)- but, the Artist Proofs are coming up for sale quick! With more than just a couple embellishments, these APs are mouth-watering- I spy teal, purple, silver, black and white dripping, linework and spatters!

These APs+Limited Edition prints drop 6PM PST 6/21/2013 - tomorrow- on Ardabus' eStore here. But it doesn't stop there- Ardabus is releasing some Deluxe AP packages that will include the hand-painted embellished AP, a series of limited edition prints, hand painted decorative box, and an additional hand-painted custom inverted Ruck colorway dunny. Just like a custom chase!

Keep an eye peeled on Ardabus' eStore, and while you're there, scope out his brand new hand-painted art prints.

"My First Crush" Hand-painted art print 1/1 available, pre-framed, here.

"...One Possible Ending" Fight Club inspired hand-painted art print 1/1 available, pre-framed, here.

As well as a dynamic duo 8" Dunny and Custom Coin Up set that is now available here.


Victorbrass The Primocoggler From Evan Morgan

UK-based artist Evan Morgan has a new release to share- Victor Brass;
"He is torn right out of a steampunk dreamland. His craft is in the fine art creations from found materials such as cogs and gears. The mask hides and protects his identity, for if people knew what was beneath the mask, then ... well I will leave that for your imagination."

These cold-cast resin and brass masks come in a painted version for  £20 and DIY unpainted for £15 on Collect And Display.
If you have any questions you can contact Evan at and be sure to follow along on Instagram @applegeek93 Relaunch Featuring Original Marvel Animation Line Art website homepage
I just reconnected with an old buddy who is relaunching his Marvel collectible site This website, a family-run business, is focused on the sale of Marvel artwork, lithographs, giclees, toys, collectibles and caps- all Marvel, all the time. The HeroWiz site has been completely redesigned for a better user experience. A screen shot is above- pretty tight web design!

HeroWiz just received almost 3 million pages of animation line art direct from Marvel. They are currently hard at work going through the artwork to catalog and photograph what they have, and it will be up for sale soon. Below is a list of the animated series from which this line art came:
  • Fantastic Four: Worlds Greatest Heroes
  • Wolverine and the X-Men Animated Series 
  • Ultimate Spiderman Animated Series
  • Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme Animated feature film
An example of the artwork is below (a Super Skrull illustration):
Marvel Super Skrull line art

If you are looking for big, awesome, hand-drawn Marvel sketches- 100% unique pieces of artwork that you can frame and display in your home- look no further than my friends at Herowiz. To help them promote the relaunch, we will be orchestrating a tag-team promotional giveaway contest soon! Stay tuned.

Robocop ED-209 Action Figure with sound by NECA

NECA is rolling out a movie-accurate, highly-articulated 10" action figure of the ED-209 robot from Robocop, to scale with the 7" Robocop action figures previously released. This figure looks sick! Features sound bites from the movie. Apparently they are running one production run only. Expect to pay about $70-ish at your favorite retailer for this one. Please let us know if you're interested... to be honest, we're a small shop so we often can't compete on price with the big retailers, but if there's enough interest, we'll place an order.

VISEone Zombie Goo vinyl figure revealed, will be released at our NYCC booth

VISEone Zombie Goo 8-inch vinyl figure
From the VISEone newsletter:

"First prototype images of my upcoming vinyltoy release "ZOMBIE GOO"
Yesterday I posted an image of the prototype on my FACEBOOK page - today I fully reveal what's my upcoming vinyltoy release called ZOMBIE GOO.

Before we continue with the TUBE MONSTER series I decided to be part of the worldwide Zombie Apocalyse.

So I stepped deep down into my lab and created some "ZOMBIE GOO" put it into a tube so whenever you want you can squeeze out your own little ZOMBIE.

But squeeze carefully!
While squeezing - be aware that the zombie could grab your head and rip out your brain - you've been warned!!!"

ZOMBIE GOO is another cooperation between VISEone & Flying LuLu. It will be approx. 8" in height. We are planning several colorways which will be revealed during this summer. Edition size is not set yet.


But while I'm there I would also be interested in a customshow/release party...
so if any gallery or store is interested in holding a release party/custom show - please contact me!"

VISEone Zombie Goo side view (prototype)

G.I. Joe Show - "Scorpion" by Forces of Dorkness

This piece, designed for this Sub-Urban Vinyl's G.I. Joe show is from Forces of Dorkness. "Scorpion" is built on the 3" G.I. Joe base produced by the Loyal Subjects. It is available for $100 now on the Sub-Urban Vinyl website.