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June 17, 2013

"Ah Tabai" the Mayan Warrior Hunter god by Obscure

Obscure made this custom for the Beefy & Co's custom show, " The Ghost Within Us."

It is titled, "Ah Tabai" the Mayan Warrior Hunter god.  The show will be showcased at Beefy & Co's booth at the San Diego Comic Con.  Comic Con is right around the corner, so people could keep up with the progression of the completed customs if they follow Beefy.  His website is

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IG: obscureakg

News from ViseOne

News from ViseOne...
TOY ART GALLERY will be hosting the DEADBEET CUSTOM SHOW - starting 29th of june.
DEADBEET is a 8" character created by Scott Tolleson (sculpted by George Gaspar of October Toys).
Related to my COMIC STRIPPED collage style I tried a new collage technique here.
The custom will be for sale at Toy Art Gallery during the show.

A few months ago I recieved a package by a new brand called APOLOGIES TO BANKSY to work on some toy customs based on BANKSYS artwork.

The customs will be available via my webstore,
I'm currently working on more of those for a custom show held by APOLOGIES TO BANKSY in the UK.




Autumn Stash Munny by M. Clancey

The latest 7 inch Munny from M. Clancey...

"Autumn Stash" is currently on display at Dream In Plastic for their latest group show.  They don't have the pieces up for sale on the site yet, but they should be any day now. Price: $300

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Instagram & Twitter: m_clancey

Monster Magnet Series 2 by SoKo Cat

News from SoKo Cat...

SoKo Cat here!  I just wanted to let you know that my magnets from Dream in Plastic's Custom Toy Show are available for sale on their website.  They can be found at

This set of six Monster Magnets (series 2) was cast in gray resin, sculpted, cast and molded by the very talented Argonaut Resins.  SoKo Cat has brought each of these amazing characters (Vampyr, FrankenHulk, WereDude, Demon, Phantom and Warlock) to life with her remarkable painting talent.  Each creature has been highlighted (no pun intended) in their own unique way, resulting in wonderful characters as a part of an extraordinary collection.
The set is available for purchase at the show for $200.  They may also be sold individually for $40 each.

Dream in Plastic's Custom Toy Show will run from June 8 to July 12 at their shop (177 Main Street, Beacon, N.Y. 12508).

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Latest Munny from KOmega

Absolutely stunning Munny from KOmega...
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kaNO x Tristan Eaton Bodega Figure Release and Signing

Kano is coming strong with his Bodega figure. After being shelved for several years and finally getting the rights back for his original Bodega figure, Kano was able to start produce his original figure once again. This time around, Kano has collaborated with four other artists, each having a unique colorway and type of exclusivity: Toofly, Flying Fortress, Tristan Eaton, and Pez. The first release was Toofly's Pink Bodega, released on May 10th, with the signing held at My Plastic Heart. The Toofly Bodega edition is a retailers edition, in the Pink Colorway, limited to 100 pieces.



The Bodega figure has a great back story to it. Head on over to Kano's blog and go watch Toy Break Episode 263, to learn a bit more. As for the next release, the Kano's x Tristan Eaton Bodega is a Bait exclusive, orange colorway. Scheduled to release at Bait, in Diamond Bar on Saturday, June 29th. A signing is going to be held from 2-5pm, with both artists in attendance. Keep in mind, that signings are one of the only ways to get Kano's purple edition Bodega. Each Bodega retails for $45 and limited to 100 pieces for each artist edition(colorway). Keep an eye out on this blog for updates on the Pez and Flying Fortress releases. Go get get em! Brapp!

RebelCamo Dunny by Melodreama

Grab this bargain, only 55 dollars! Love the colors!
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  - Don P

Oreo Dunny series by Shawn Wigs

Great new Dunny series from Shawn Wigs...

Shawn Wigs Here and my newest custom creation, the delicious looking "Oreo Dunny Series," features customized 3-inch tall vinyl Dunnys modified with resin cast Oreo faces. A Simple but brilliant idea, there will be only 20 pieces made in this blind box series: Original (3/4), Vanilla (1/10), Mint (1/10), and Bitten (1/20). Set to be released on Tuesday, June 18th, 2013 ( REALLY TONIGHT AT 12 MIDNIGHT ) through the new We Are Not Toys collective website for $65 per blind box. ( )

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  - Don P

Latest customs from Fuller

Keep an eye on the store from Fuller these days, his little Jammies are all over his store now! 

Excellent details on this custom Munny, love the hair...

This was a commission for the creator of this awesome comic, All Shades Of Grey. If you get a chance, check out his work. Great story line and amazing artwork.

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The Punisher by Rocketboy

Love the comical approach on this custom Micro Munny...

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Samurai Pizza Cat Munny by AVATAR666

Ohhhh love this one, reminds me off my childhood. This guy is extremely well sculpted again!

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G.I. Joe Show - "Kabuko" by Tasha Zimich

This piece, designed for this Sub-Urban Vinyl's G.I. Joe show is from Tasha Zimich. "Kabuko" is built on the 3" G.I. Joe base produced by the Loyal Subjects. It is available for $75 now on the Sub-Urban Vinyl website.

DeadBeet "The Veggie Avenger" custom by Mikie Graham

I love the extremely original concepts from Mikie Graham...

"From the chilly recesses of your refrigerator's crisper drawer a new Super Hero has emerged from the darkness and is standing up for the rights of his uprooted vegetable brotherin. DeadBeet, the Veggie Avenger!!

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ZUURBS custom Bots series from ValleyDweller

Last week I was not able to post the launch of this custom Bots series. Luckily they are now sold open. Here are the ones that are still for sale, grab them fast because now they will sell out easily!

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Custom Ajee Skullskin by Rsin

Rsin nailed this custom Ajee Skullskin...

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"The Invasion" VinylAttack Custom Dunny Series

Unfortunately I did not have time to post this last week, but the good part.....there are some blindboxes left! They are good prices and I see an awesome line-up!
The invasion has just begun. The whole world is waiting for us, in the Biggest Battle between the invaders and the resistance. Pick up your side on!

Grab them here!

This is the first Custom Dunny series by Vinyl Attack. We have two sides The Invasor and The Resistence, So its the time to choose your side.

Theres only two dunnys per artist and they are differents so all the Dunnys are UNIQUES PIECES, NO REPLICAS!

Here are some designs from this series...

G.I. Joe Show - "Zartan The Crow" By Billy Roids

This piece, designed for this Sub-Urban Vinyl's G.I. Joe show is from Billy Roids. "Zartan the Crow" is built on the 3" G.I. Joe base produced by the Loyal Subjects. It is available for $65 now on the Sub-Urban Vinyl website.

Back the Slender Man plush toy Kickstarter

From the Kickstarter page: "Slender Man is a 32" plush created with the finest fabrics and materials. He is soft, yet durable toy." I just backed it. Really cool 32".
Back it here:

More Fhtagndroids (Custom Androids)

Infinite Rabbit is on fire with these guys, I expect more Androids from him now!
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     - Don P

Latest customs from One-Eyed Girl

Always impressed by the customs from One-Eyed Girl...

Yoti Howlerton, 7" Trikky with real coyote teeth. 

And here's a commission i did a little while back of a cute little unicorn
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