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June 12, 2013

Quetzalcoatl 8" Custom Dunny by The Beast Brothers

The Beast Brothers recently released information regarding an 8" Custom figure based on their 2007 Kidrobot Azteca I Dunny design, the Quetzalcoatl Dunny. Rather than wait for KR to make a move to create this wonderful design, the Beast Brothers decided to make it themselves. If you don't already subscribe to the Beast Brothers newsletter, be sure to sign up so you get all the up to date information for anything Beast Brothers.

From The Beast Brothers site:
The Quetzalcoatl Dunny was the most coveted mini figure of the 2007 Kidrobot Dunny Azteca series. And now The Beast Brothers are set to release their Quetzalcoatl design for the first time as an 8” custom figure.
This amazing sculpt is one of the most elaborate and detailed to date, hand painted and donning a faux leather poncho, each piece will come safely packaged in a laser engraved wooden box.

Starting Friday, June 21st at 1pm EST, you will have only 24 hours to purchase this unique and rare custom figure for only $450

All sales are final.
Like many previous releases before this one, the Beast Brothers have decided to make this custom figure available as a limited release, open for only 24 hours, starting Friday June 21st at 1PM EST. This means that the run size will depend on how many people actually make a purchase, with the final run size never being released. With the price set at $450 plus shipping, I can see many collectors freaking out, since the money drain known as SDCC is just weeks away. Any collector who picks up this piece will sure be glad he/she did.

Coming Soon - Toy Burst Exhibition From More Than Sunshine

More Than Sunshine is putting on a show! Sunny Orlando, Florida's Redefine Gallery will host a toy show featuring vinyl, resin and plush pieces contirbuted by both local and international artists.
The show opens July 18th, where opening reception will also feature a live 3D Printing demo from the OCLS.
Keep an eye out for artworks from;

G.I. Joe show - "Eyesee" by Tasha Zimich

This piece, designed for this past weeks G.I. Joe show is from Tasha Zimich. "Eyesee" is built on the 3" G.I. Joe base produced by the Loyal Subjects. It is available for $75 now on the Sub-Urban Vinyl website.

G. I. Joe Show - "Ice Monster" By Ms. Zukie

This piece, designed for this past weeks G.I. Joe show is from Ms. Zukie. "Ice Monster" is built on the 3" G.I. Joe base produced by the Loyal Subjects. It is available for $50 now on the Sub-Urban Vinyl website.

RAMPAGE TOYS and ART: B.A.S.T.A.R.D.s - Sofubi & Keshi Mania!

 I am super impressed with the growth of the Rampage Toys brand. Since Jon moved to Japan, he's been blowing it out of the water with sofubi production, collab projects with the biggest artists in the game, and just a dizzying array of awesome collectible toys. Check his blog for all kinds of fun updates:


 Click the link to read:

A Notable Moment in American Kaiju?

Paul Kaiju just sent an update this morning that his collab SEAGOOL piece with Luke of Lulubell is now being sold via Medicom (in Japan) as an exclusive. Apparently this piece was made by Paul Kaiju and painted by Luke. I am really not a kaiju expert so I don't know if American kaiju has been exported to Japan before (and to be fair, I don't even know if Paul physically makes these pieces on American soil)... but it's worth mentioning in that it seems American kaiju artists are being recognized by Japanese companies to the point that they'll go to the trouble of importing the American-designed toys.
Kaiju nerds, is this a common practice? First I've heard of it.