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June 4, 2013

SNEEK PEAK: Task One is completing Waves 5 & 6 of Pillaging Pop Culture Series 1 right now

Tuilagi Mini Munny by Klang

This guy becomes better and better...

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Fhtagndroid (Model A) by Infinite Rabbits

Love the creativity from Infinite Rabbits. Awesome work!

My first custom Android.

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     - Don P

G.I. Joe show - "Tony Apano" by DonP

This piece, designed for last weekends G.I. Joe show is from DonP. "Tony Apano" is built on the 3" G.I. Joe base produced by the Loyal Subjects. It is available for $100 now on the Sub-Urban Vinyl website.

G.I. Joe Show - "Cobra Chaos" by Blazon Brikhaus

Cobra Chaos from Blazon Brikhaus

This custom by Blazon Brikhaus is available now. Created on the 3" G.I. Joe platform produced by the Loyal Subjects, this custom stands 6" high, measures 9" from front to back and almost 7" from left to right. The piece is available now for $200 at the Sub-Urban Vinyl website.

Mordles return at Toyfinity - Clube Mordle is now open!

The Mordles, a fan favorite mini figure from the vintage Rocks, Bugs & Things toy line, are coming back thanks to the efforts of the guys at Toyfinity!

This is a great opportunity for collectors because it means updated sculpts and new colorways for a popular vintage toy that has become increasingly expensive and difficult to obtain. Most RB&T sets have been missing these lovable "victims" for a long time.

John Kent of Toyfinity released this info on his blog:

CLUB MORDLE is now open over at!

Head on over there and you'll have the chance to join Club Mordle, which guarantees you the chance to order any upcoming Mordles product. Remember, you don't have to join Club Mordle to purchase product - but product available on release days to the general public will be available in limited quantities. You can see the full details in a previous post on this blog.

Today, I'm happy to finally give you some details about the very first product releases that Club Mordle members will have access to! 

Mordles love to arrive in groupings called waves. The first wave will consist of SIX colorways, released over the next three months (one release in June, one in July, and one in August).

The first two products, available to Club Mordle members starting on Monday June 17th through Sunday June 23rd (and release to the general public on June 28th) include:

Mordles - Standard Edition TEN PACK with special bonus item! The price for this pack will be $16.

Mordles - Crawler Edition TEN PACK. The price for this pack will be $12.

Product photos will follow this week.

The countdown to the return of the Mordles is on!