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May 29, 2013

"The Savior" by Lickyourelbow

Great concept and execution...

Here is my newest creation for the Munnth Munth contest entitled "The Savior". 

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      - Don P

Custom Hicks by drbarbados

Huge fan of this guys work. This piece is totally what I like. Excellent!
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  - Don P

ToyKick's Fresh Batch:JFury and Jc Rivera

Two amazing reveals for this stunning 3 inch Dunny series!

'ARRRGGHHH!!!' custom Dunny by Klang

He's called 'ARRRGGHHH!!!'. Through shear luck he managed to escape from a phyciatric hospital when one of the porters went out side for a cigarette and didnt shut the door. He managed to escape the hospital but not his straight jacket, he now runs around the neighbourhood screaming ARRRGGHHH!!! at people in the vein hope that someone will help him out.
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Predator Mighty Mugg

Absolutely stunning, Fuller you are a legend!

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Hanky Panky the Pirate CapTea by Bash

Another one from Bash...

Hanky Panky always wanted to be a Pirate. He dreamed of sailing the open seas, plundering ships, drinking rum... living the good life! But he is just a small boy living in a small town. One day he decided just to go for it! He build a boat, chopped off his hand, made a hook, took out his left eye, made an eye patch, bought some rum, made a pirate flag and set goodbye to the people of his town. Hanky Panky went to the beach to set sail. But he noticed something was wrong...his boat was to small for a sail. Hanky Panky is now a real Pirate Captain! He's floating around in the open sea waiting for a boat to pass him by to plunder.

I heard that this guy is stil available, so hit Bash up!

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"The bear who cared" by Ar Inkbombers

Love the graffity effect and the thinking out of the box on this one!

Done for Munny Munth "The bear who cared"
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 - Don P

Brandt Peters TERROR BOYS Squadts - OOZE no.00

Edition of 225.
$105 USD Includes worldwide shipping.
The release is set for Monday, JUNE 3, 12:00 noon central time.
Available at the squadt store>>

OOZE no.00 includes: 2 sets of arms (classic and 2.1), Machete, Double-barrel sawed off shorty, and a removable hood and helmet.

Beaufighters by Lisa Rae Hansen

Amazingly painted and sculpted. Stunning work once again from Lisa Rae Hansen.

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Staff Sergeant Nantz & The Aquoid by Josh Mayhem

Love dirty metal.....excellent customs from Josh again! 
Staff Sergeant Nantz & The Aquoid - Battle Los Angeles Themed Custom 3" Dunnys for "The Invasion" Custom Blindbox Series
Josh Mayhem presents Staff Sergeant Nantz & The Aquoid - Battle Los Angeles themed custom 3" Dunnys for "The Invasion" custom blindbox series presented by Vinyl Attack releasing June 15th, 2013. Based on what is probably one of my favorite alien invasion movies of all time. 

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     - Don P

Adventure Time custom Bearbricks by NaganamG

You seldom see custom Bearbricks but this artist nails them everytime!

This time it´s a couple of custom be@rbrick 100% (Finn) and 70% (Jake), based on the cartoon series 'Adventure Time'. Painted by hand using acrylic paint. Served with a customized wooden box. On sale here:

Ri'bit custom Dunny and Labbit by Flawtoys

What a great set and he will be up for grabs in the Flawtoys store!

Ri'bit will be available this friday 31-05 at 19:00 CEST at the flawtoys webshop (

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The last Annunaki by Sean Villoria

Impressive custom from Sean Villoria...
The last Annunaki descended from the stars to bring life and the first Munny to Earth. I put a lot of heart into this one, lots of sculpting and small details. Made from a 7" and 4" Munny for the 2013 Munnyworld contest.

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A dwarf prince riding his trusted ram by dt_custom

Just amazing. So many details and it looks so clean. This sculpt is one of the best I have seen lately, quality work!!!
Here's my entry for the munnymunth contest. A dwarf prince riding his trusted ram. If you like it, please take a moment to vote in the last few days there are left for voting. Vote at

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 - Don P

Bulletpunk:Pirated [Evangelion] Unit 01by Quiccs

Once in a while I am blown away with a custom and with this custom I totally have this feeling. So much to look at and it looks so clean. Stunning work!

Officially Submitted my Munny Munth 2013 entry. Bulletpunk: Pirated [Evangelion] Unit 01
Platform: 7" Munny. Materials used: Epoxy Putty, Tamiya Pla Plates, Acrylic Paints and Mr.Hobby & Tamiya Paints. Please do vote if you like it through this link

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Featured Product - May 29, 2013

The Vinyl Frontier DVD

At the dawn of the 21st century, renegade toy designers, bored with the G.I. Joe status quo, boldly remixed and reassembled the toys of their parent's generation. Birthing a new format of toy and medium of artistic expression, these artists were the first to explore The Vinyl Frontier. A world where Art is Fun! 

By exploring a landscape inhabited by a wide range of artists, their creations, and obsessive collectors, the documentary examines the hybrid objects' artistic and commercial value, as well as the creative process of art-toy making. 

The Vinyl Frontier is a comprehensive look at a fresh and exciting art movement that anyone young at heart and imaginative can enjoy.

The documentary features artists, scholars, and collectors such as: 

You can find the trailer and more on the film's website:

This is The Vinyl Frontier special edition DVD. Along with the film, this DVD comes packed with tons of bonus content. Pick one up for $20 in the Tenacious Toys online store today.

Rusty the Jackalope Keeper by Bash

The base of this custom is a resin figure called Jackalope Keeper by Matt Frost. Bash painted it in his typically style.

Rusty was a little troll that loved the forrest and all the creatures in it. One day he was walking around when he found a little Green Jackalope and his pink bird friend snooping around in the garden of the witch, stealing her famous pink berries. He tried to stop them but he was to late...  The witch already spotted them. Rusty didn't think for one second and jumped between the witch and the Jackalope... he was turned to wood in an instant! Rusty doesn't regret saving the Jackalope's live. He's now part of the forrest he loved... and the Jackalope and his bird stay with him forever. Rusty the Jackalope Keeper is a limited edition of 2 sets. The first set went to De Ce Collins to go in his private collection but the second set is still available!

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