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May 22, 2013

Latest Dunny's by Melodreama

This girl is sculpting and painting so clean....applause!!!

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  - Don P

Coming soon Bruscolino(RM)&Mike Die(NY)

An awesome collab of a custom 3 inch Dunny series is coming soon...

     - Don P

A Sign of Weakness by Ardabus Rubber

I am addicted to Ardabus Rubber his work, this custom look so amazing and the price is hot. Grab it here!

 One of a kind custom Bomb Hugger Figure. Stands 6.5" tall and painted with acrylics.
Comes signed and numbered 1/1 Also comes with a custom 2" bomb keychain.

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Atropa CV.9 ny Jason Limon

One of my favorite customizers, what a great Dunny...

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"Mechanized Mad Men" by Mikie Graham

I am stunned, had to post this amazing Android series from Mikie Graham.

My very first Android Blind Box series "Mechanized Mad Men"

Forgotten by most traditional history books, this group of influential yet often under appreciated creative geniuses are back; this time powering giant mechanized robots that embody their own truly individual styles. From scientists to authors to musicians this lineup of 7 ground breaking individuals span the gamut of art and pop culture bringing together for the first time the greatest minds the world has ever known.

Here are all 7 characters:

Each MMM figure includes a customized 3" Android figure that comes powered by its own (removable) Playmobil representation of its creator. In addition, each figure come packaged inside of a custom box with its own wooden display base that will include a mini print telling that character's personal story.

These are now available exclusively through Dragatomi HERE

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Twitter feed @zombiemonkie

Hungry Dragon by Big C

This is the entry from Big C for the Munny Munth contest from Kidrobot. This guy has some serious sculpting skills.

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The Soul Keeper by Davemarkart

Davemarkart made this custom Ghost Tribe x Warrior for the Beefy & Co show at SDCC. Really dig this piece, imo one of his best.

The Soul Keeper" ( he collects lost souls and helps find their final resting place and lays them to rest on peace 

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Bruce the Bunny Beaver by Bash

Bash is a busy man these days. He has made the Dunny for a giveaway, check out the details on his Facebook. Excellent work once again!

Bruce the Bunny Beaver
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Ice Cream Drip Rioteer Droids by J.Riot

Starting to like the Android platform more and more with all these amazing customs I see lately on this platform.
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Android Priests by Fuller

Just WOW! Those hats are top notch!

These are my entries to the Urban Decay 4 Show. 

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Mr Power customs by JAR

Really like how these guys are painted. Great to see some customs on this platform. These guys are made for a show about WOII.

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     - Don P

Latest Dunny's from RunDMB

This guy has been extremely busy! They all look great.

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Harley Quinn Bot by TO designs

Happy that I could add this custom Bot to my collection from TO designs. Received an awesome sketch too. Hope to add some more work from him to my collection in the future. Quality stuff, great line work and smooth paint.

Contact TO designs here:
or here:
KR board

SeoulMonz New Wooden Toys from Korea

Straight from Artopalo and KorNsoul, come Seoul Monz a new line of wooden monster figures representing the myths of Seoul city. Seoul Monz is made up of eight different monsters, each with its own story. 
 Each piece is 4.7" tall, colorfully printed and priced at $9 a piece. They were released earlier this week, and are currently finding an international retailer. Each figure comes with key chain parts.
For more information contact Mox Hart at or check out their facebook page out.

Sahul (Koala) Munny by Charles Rodriguez

This is the entry from Charles Rodriguez for the Munny Munth contest from Kidrobot. Stunning work again.

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Featured Product - May 22, 2013

 Dudebox Bob 3-inch mini figure by Loren Kang

This super special project was developed in co-ordination with Parsons - The New School For Design in New York. This design was chosen from a group of student submissions and was unveiled at New York Comic Con 2012.

BOB is designed by Loren Kang.

This is a 3" mini figure limited to 750 pieces world wide and produced by Dudebox. Pick up one today for $9.95 at the Tenacious Toys online store.

Wolverine by David Kraig

This guy should start his own resin sculptures...

Started out as a 4" munny now stands about 5.5"  I used really stainless steal for his blades.

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