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May 20, 2013

DisColouring Book 5 Available Now

I have a great fondness for publishing eBooks on Issuu after dabbling in eBook projects, so DisColouring book looked to be onto something fun right away.
UK-Originated DisColouring has a DIY Art Periodical feel with a selection of artsts from different stylistic and aesthetic backgrounds. Issue 5 is out now and available here to read for free!
Their next issuu is due in September, so submissions inquiries are welcome to drop a line to
Page Detail Vol 5
Page Detail Vol 5

The Doctor Is In - Gessica's Doctor Flop

Italian artist Gessica wrote in to introduce us to a little world she has been showing through exhibitions in Italy; one of medical malpractice and malady. Doctor Flop and its cast of little sculptural and printed patients and nurses have exhibited Arte Fiera 2013 and Leo Burnett's ADV Company Gallery in Bologna and Milan.
Her adorable world of little unfortunates feels well-suited to art toys, and has a hand-crafted appeal. The narratives for these characters are likely to develop along on Doctor Flop's Facebook and continue to be documented on pinterest. If you have questions or inquiries about these little people and their stories, you're welcome to contact




Stoney and NUGGS from Ian Ziobrowski

The latest amazing 3 inch Dunny's from Ian Ziobrowski...

Here's my new character "Stoney" the older brother of Smokey. Keeping it OG as usual, he stay puffin, growin, and experimenting with the finest green. His attire makes him hard to find, but if you use your senses you might be able to stumble upon some delicious crop. But be prepared for traps, outsiders are not welcome on these grounds. Custom 3 inch, with handmade accessories.

Here's 2 NUGGS commissions as well! 

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      - Don P

Baby Hemlock by Loz Hausofboz

You hardly see a custom Tokidoki Unicorno, but have to say that we should see more customs on this platform when I look at this excellent custom from Loz.

If you ever find yourself in the misty forests, near the bubbling bogs, or the steamy swamps, there's a chance you'll catch a glimpse of Baby Hemlock.
She's one of the last few surviving unicorns, and keeps herself hidden among the most quiet and overgrown parts of the woodland, singing songs and playing with the other animals.

If get lost out there, she can tell you which plants are safe to eat, but don't expect a ride back to town though. She'll bring you out in terrible toxic blisters with a touch.

Baby Hemlock is a custom Tokidoki Unicorno, with hand sculpted parts and fine acrylic and gloss paintwork, with UV resistant finish.

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The Forgotten Explorer by Squink!

Stunner from Squink! - Wednesday - 8pm GMT
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Featured Product - May 20, 2013

Toy2R Spike DIY White Toyer 5 inch Qee

Following on the heels of their popular Qee figure comes this 5" vinyl spiked version from Toy2R. This is a DIY toy ready for customization. Pick one up for $20 in the Tenacious Toys online store today.