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May 16, 2013

Featured Product - May 16, 2013

 Scott Tolleson Chipster

Chipster is a gentle being who moved from the rough-and-tumble city to the serene tranquility of a distant mystical forest. Unlike his ancestors, Chipster does not enjoy fighting for a living. Rather, he dreams of consuming limitless quantities of peanut butter cups and amassing the World's largest collection of argyle suits. If you are lucky enough to encounter Chipster on your travels, you know he will have a smile on his face.

This vinyl piece tands 5.5" tall and is limited to only 200 pieces worldwde. It was designed by Scott Tolleson and can be found in the Tenacious Toys online store for only $40.

Planet Banimon Releases New Glyos Compatible Figures Tonight!

Planet Banimon is set to go ahead tonight with two new colorways for their Glyos-compatible Banigoth and Red Army Men figures!

The new blue with red detail lines, and GID, both feature tampo-printed insignias on each of the two heads plus both sword and guns... 15 interchangeable pieces in all!

These are dropping at 9pm EST and sell for just $7 each. Even at just 1" tall, that's a great deal!

Also, at the time of writing, both the red and white colorways from the previous drop are still available, as well as issues #2 and #3 of the great Banimon comic book, so you can read the story behind these awesome little guys.

'8-Ball' Radioactive Rumbler vinyl figure from John Santagada

Hot off the heals of our silhouetted teaser last week, John Santagada over at Radioactive Uppercut kindly shares some more details on his upcoming debut vinyl line, including a peak at the project’s first figure, the fearsome 8-Ball! 

Revealed as the ‘Radioactive Rumblers’, the ongoing series is set to feature a number of 4″ designs inspired by old sci-fi and horror flicks, 80’s toys, garbage pail kids and comic books of the 50’s and 60’s, each coming rotocast in vinyl with a number of ‘city crushing’ points of articulation (3 in the case of 8-Ball!)… 

As mentioned in our earlier press release, John will be funding the project through Kickstarter, with a tentative ‘live’ date now set for July 1st. Alongside basic ‘entry’ tiers that include trading cards, comics and of course the standard figure, a number of custom 8-Balls have also been donated for the cause, with artists Ed Long and Damien Glonek of Living Dead Dolls, Frank and Martina Russo from MF Gallery and Monsterforge all confirmed so far… We’ll be bringing you guys a comprehensive lowdown closer to the Kickstarter campaign, but in the meantime, be sure to head over to the Radioactive Uppercut Facebook page here for all the latest developments!

~Mr. N. Visible

Turtgeraffe Labbit. by Wuzone

Stunning paintwork!

7 inch Turtgeraffe Labbit.

An englishman collector commissioned me this custom, it is a birthday gift for his girlfriend.

Turtle, tiger and giraffe are some of the animals they saw together in one of their special trips.

100% hand painted using spray paint, acrylics, markers and matte varnish.

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Ardabus Rubber Custom Mecha Dunnys And More

Ardabus Rubber has been busy in his studio creating new customs and 2D Artworks. Ardabus has customed a trio of Post Apocalypse Mecha Dunnys, titled “The Third Coming of The Rauls”. These pieces are available through .
Also brand new, this privately commissioned 3" Gas Mask Special Dunny titled "Loopholes" is painted with acrylics and sculpted onto with epoxy resin and canvas. I'll have what he's having!
If you would like to inquire a piece, contact
Ardabus has been creating new works on canvas. This new piece, "Triple Positive" is an 8x10"acrylic on canvas, framed in black, and available on AR's eStore here.
In addition to canvas paintings, Ardabus Rubber has been working in inks on heavy stock paper. Pieces like this one, "There Is Only One Possible Ending..." combine both suggestive figurative composition with stylized abstraction. This 11x14" piece is available for inquiry at


Dope Vinyl presents Evilos painting rasta Vinylmations with Monster Kolor

My favorite writer may not agree, but in my opinion as a retailer, Monster Kolor paint is a selling point. Behold the beautiful Vinylmation figures by Evilos, painted in Monster Kolor paint. And check out the sweet short film below by Jordan of Dope Vinyl, who is currently traveling the world collecting footage of custom toy artists for his documentary (a project funded by Kickstarter). You can meet Jordan at our NYCC booth in October. Look for more footage coming from him all year long. You can also buy custom Vinylmations by Evilos at our NYCC booth this year: #208!

evilos - rasta vinylmation
from dope vinyl on Vimeo.

Bert the Beaver and his Wooden Labbit Home by Bash

Awesome Munny Munth entry by Bash...

Bert the Beaver was fed up with the river after a tsunami destroyed his dam. He decided to move to the woods.

After a long walk he came across a huge garden full of pink berries, strange wooden statues and a old house. The wooden statues looked like petrified creatures. He found all sorts of creatures: a giant rabbit with big hands, a little troll with a jackalope on his back... but then he found it...

He found his new home!

Bert carved a hole in the giant wooden labbit and made some furniture for his new crib.

The new house is so amazing, it even has its own supply of berries growing for the backside! But there are two things that he doesn't understand: Why are all these creatures turned into wooden statues and who lives in that old house?

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Skull Fez by Lickyourelbow

Awesome paints on this Mini Munny from Lickyourelbow...

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      - Don P