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May 10, 2013

Haganenokiba Dunny by Artmymind

One of the best Dunny's I have seen to date, totally mindblowing!
"The Haganenokibas represent the elite of the Thousand fangs, and among them, the High Guard serves as the personal escort of the Commander Owatatsumi. Very best of their kind, they master the Polearm with agility and power at a point that it is said that none of them ever fell in combat. The rare who survived an encounter with one of them can recall with fear the destructive fury that they can lay on the battleground." Limited edition of 20 handcrafted figures.

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Featured Product - May 10, 2013

Motorbot Tiny Teeth Goober Raspberry Pearl

Todays featured product is one of Motorbot's self-produced line of resin Tiny Teeth figures, Goober. The Tiny Teeth resin figures stand between 2 and 2.5 inches tall and were sculpted, molded, cast in resin and hand painted by Motorbot. Each figure is one of a kind and is bagged individually with an attached header card. You can pick up this Raspberry Pearl edition for only $15 now in the Tenacious Toys online store

Charles Rodriguez customs for Kidrobot Miami

I showed some of these customs before but since he posted them all now, I will post all the custom for his show at Kidrobot Miami. Just amazing customs!

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Mega Munny Shadowling By Shadoe Delgado

Shadoe Delgado has been busy cooking up some big big sculpture! One of which, his first Mega Munny, is this Mega Shadowling.
Created for Oakland Museum's Exhibition "We Customize", Shadoe has applied a whole lot of custom sculpting in those teeth and texturing. Along with a big, and very real, set of antlers. Most of the sculpting took place over the weeks leading up to Shadoe's on-site demo in residency, where he showed off his paint application techniques.
The Exhibit stays up until June 2, when this big fella will go up in Shadoe's shop, with a return to commission work in June. Though, we've heard there is a bit of a list, which is not suprising from a DesignerToyAwards Break Through Artist Nominee. Inquire a piece at


Gabriel Carpio's customs for Kidrobot Miami

Excellent customs for his show at Kidrobot Miami....enjoy!

HasuUsagi, Labbit

YamiOni, Foomi

Kapala, Munny

YamiOni, Foomi

KabukiBot, Mascot

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  - Don P