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May 8, 2013

SubUrban Vinyl Exhibition - Time To Kick Some Ass!

Sub-Urban Vinyl Gallery and a whole lineup of butt-kicking artists are putting on a show this Saturday, May 11! Artists had free reign to contribute what they felt inspired to offer- both 2D and 3D pieces will appear in the show, along with hand-painted customs and resin sculptures.
If you're in the New Jersey area, or feel like heading  in for an evening of art and wine tasting, doors open at 6pm. If you would like to see the full show preview, hit up Here's a preview of what we'll expect to see;
Jason Limon
Troy Martin
Miss Zukie
John Spanky Stokes
Tasha Zimich

"With one eye shut I see less hate in this world" by Davemarkart

Always like it when Davemarkart works with purple and green...

"With one eye shut I see less hate in this world" my piece for the New Beginings Show at Sub Urban Vinyl

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Sea Monster Mini Munny by Color Chemist

Another excellent sea creature based custom from Color Chemist. This guy is sold, but keep an eye on his store for more customs!

Folow Color Chemist here:
      - Don P 

GI Joe Site YoJoe Interviews Jonathan Cathey of The Loyal Subjects

Above is a video from the GI Joe show at BAIT. Look for an East Coast show at Sub-Urban Vinyl in NJ on May 31! More info on that soon. I'm helping organize.

In the meantime, check out the YoJoe interview of Jonathan Cathey of The Loyal Subjects here.

Gasmask Munny by krunster

Great gasmask Munny by krunster. Keep an eye on this girls work.....extremely promising!

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  - Don P

Dracorexus Idraigaxus custom Raffy by Commandante

I have seen much insane customs lately, but this one totally blew my mind...

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  - Don P

Kidrobot x Freak CARACAS Art Toys

This will be an amazing show...

Abidu custom Foomi by Charles Rodriguez

STUNNING!!! Charles made this custom Foomi for his show at Kidrobot Miami.

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Mecha Dunny's by Ardabus Rubber

Just WOW....these colours and patterns are insane, amazing custom Dunny's by Ardabus Rubber. Enjoy!

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Coral Bot by Sekure D

Love this style on this 3 inch custom Bot!

Constructed from the underwater boneyard of discarded and obsolete Codename Unknown parts comes a new squadron of Allegiance members. This coral bot will soon be receiving a whole range of backup so stay tuned! 

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Iron Patriot Munny by The Modelmaker

 No words, Iron Man custom on the Munny platform, that I have ever seen!
Here is Iron Patriot re-branded War Machine suit, my second custom toy inspired by Iron Man 3 movie.  I watched the movie in IMAX few days ago and I really enjoyed it.  I am now thinking about making the whole Hall of Armour display with customs back-lit with LEDs, something like Hot Toys or Play Imaginative made for their 1/6 statues. 

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 - Don P

"Short Antenna" custom Android by Reactor-88

Amazing custom Android by Reactor-88...

New custom Android- SA stands for "Short Antenna"

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     - Don P

Featured Product - April 8, 2013

 Disney Pixar 2.5-inch Blind Box Mini Figures by Funko

New from Funko, come these blindboxed Disney Pixar figures. Eight characters are featured in this release with 3 variants to total 24 different figures to be had. Featuring Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Maleficent, Tinker Bell, Sulley, Mike, Stitch and Jack Skellington each figure stands 2.5" tall and is available for $5.95 in the Tenacious Toys online store.

FoomZee and PsycatZ custom Munny's by Zukaty

Two great customs by Zukaty (Trikky and Foomi)...

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     - Don P 

ToyKick's Fresh Batch:Grimsheep

This series becomes better and better. Here the Dunny's from Grimsheep.


Spiritual Awakening custom RAAAR! by auryndesign

Pretty fresh custom RAAAR!...

This is a custom RAAAR! by Dynamite Rex. I also entered it into the Clutter RAAAR! contest...I called it Spiritual Awakening. I imagined this giant dinosaur donning a mask and turning into a spirit fox, complete with two brand new tails. 

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X105 Strike Gunny by Josh Mayhem

We see more and more custom Mecha Dunny's from Huck Gee, this time a great customized one by Josh Mayhem.

"I actually earned this commssion a little while before the Post Apocalypse Dunnys came out. Once they did I couldn't wait to get my hands on one of the Mecha's to customize as they are absolutely perfect for my asthetic of customizing. Since the collector is a huge fan of mechas in general, and since he's been so patient, I decided to upgrade him to one of these bad boys. Gotta say I love the way it turned out, and can't wait to do more of them."
Josh Mayhem is still currently taking commission work and can be reached via his website or through his Facebook

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     - Don P

Spider-Man Munny's from Tibong

Tibong has recently finished an insane set of sculpted Micro Munny's. Really like his own style that he gaved this characters...

 1. Spider-Man. First time ever attempting to make Classic Spider-Man (line work came out decent).
 2. Green Goblin. A must if one makes a Classic Spider-Man. Satchel made with styrene and some clay.
 3. Kraven the Hunter. I love Kraven outfit, the different animal patterns and color schemes.
 4. The Vulture. I don't think anybody have ever attempted to make this old bird, love the wings (base of wings are styrene)
 5. The Scorpion. Probably the worst face sculpt of the bunch, wasn't sure how to tackle the mask, tail came out good though. 

Price: $40 a piece.
Shipping: Free in the US for 1, $3 for each additional figures.
Shipping: Worldwide:$8 for 1, $3 for additional figures.

Where: My bigcartel shop

I also accept commission requests, prices are in line (give or take the request) with the shop prices. I am willing to make whatever anybody wants.

The kill a custom Colus Dunny by Carson Catlin

Probably the best custom Dunny I have ever seen from Carson Catlin. Amazing work!

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      - Don P