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May 7, 2013

Battle Tails! - A Kickstarter Campaign by Huck Gee

Huck Gee is a man of many talents and he is trying to add a video game to his long list of accomplishments, that is with your help, through Kickstarter. Huck Gee has recently launched a Kickstarter project to help fund his Strategic Defense Game called "Battle Tails". A lot of time and effort has already been put towards the creation of the game. Now, with help from the community, Battle Tails can become reality.

Here is a snippet of info from the Kickstarter Page:
Building this game and this universe isn't cheap. High quality art and animation takes time and resources. Multiplayer means more fun, but also more support infrastructure, hardware, and code. More funding helps us support more artists and animators who will help bring the Battle Tails world to life.
So, please check out the details below for rewards, freebies and more ways you can be a part of Battle Tails History. Help me bring this world to life.
- Huck

With over 20% of the total goal already funded in the beginning hours of the Kickstarter Campaign, head on over, select a reward and make a pledge. With everything from a simple in game starter pack for the Battle Tails game, to a 20" Mega Battle Tails custom, there is a reward level for everyone. So, take some time to head on over to the Battle Tails Kickstarter page and if you can, make a pledge.

Camilla d'Errico New Fonzo Gaia For FonzoLovesTheUK

It's coming up- it's happening! A fantastic lineup of talented artists from both North America and the UK have been gearing up for Freakstore's Fonzo Loves The UK exhibition at Sho Gallery opening this Saturday May 11.
Fine Artist Camilla d'Errico returns after a smashingly successful showing at Fonzo Love NY- her first Fonzo, "Rainbow In My Eyes", sold on preview. Camilla's new contribution is titled "Gaia" and her beauty is sure to ensnare you (figuratively speaking) in her beautiful flowing locks. 
"Gaia" will be available through the Sho Gallery, and if you're quick enough on preview, through for 280£. This is a good opportunity for fans both new and diehard to add an original oil painting of Camilla's to their collection.

Spanky Stokes Stroll Shirt by Outsmart Originals

 outsmART originals is stoked! Stoked to be working with, awarded DTA's 2012 Best Blog, for the next t-shirt release.

The design is based on the Stroll Mascot, where a few months ago on Instagram, numerous artists began drawing and submitting their concepts of the 'Stroll' character. Many versions were submitted from artists across the globe and each a unique and fresh take on the character. Jake Gillispie at Grindhouse submitted this design as a work in progress added additional updates as the design progressed. Since then, the design has been recreated as prints and stickers and now, as this unique collaboration, it will be released as an EPIC outsmART originals t-shirt!

Capturing the full detail of the design, the ultra cotton t-shirt will be produced as a vintage transfer release creating the highest quality possible for this intricate artwork. The shirt will also include the SpankyStokes / Grindhouse logo on the back. Available for both men and women with sizes up to 5XL, preorders are now being accepted for this limited edition t-shirt and are guaranteed to ship on or before June 3rd - just in time for all of the summer conventions.

As an incentive, will award one randomly chosen customer a Grand Stroll Prize Set that will include: a limited edition Stroll iPhone 5 Case, a Jake Gillispie Stroll Sticker from Grindhouse, a limited edition print of the Stroll by Jake and one original OMG Series 1 custom Stroll figure! Reserve your Stroll t-shirt today for a chance to win!

AND remember, its MY-TEE-MAY-NIA which means during the month of May you can BUY 3 T-SHIRTS AND GET THE 4TH ONE FREE - now that's a deal (or is it a steal?)! No discount code needed and the offer is good on all in stock and preorder t-shirts (discount will be applied for equal or lesser value of shirts purchased).

Matt Anderson Night Terror custom by NEMO

The Poisonous Terror Dart Frog is a customized Night Terror platform created and cast by Matt Anderson. NEMO customized this one for Matt's Night Terror Series 2. Follow Matt for more info.

Featured Product - May 7, 2013

 Andrew Bell Google DIY Android toy

Today's featured product is a do it yourself Andrew Bell android. Each vinyl piece stands 3" tall and is ready to be exposed to your imagination. Pick up one or many for $6.50 a piece in the Tenacious Toys online store today.

Blindbox... Paintings?! Artist Series From Piedmont Artists United

Jeff Beck of Menace Inc Studios has put together a local North Carolina artists collective called Piedmont Artists United, and they're out of the gates with an interesting new idea.
Each artist created a 4x4" painting on canvas interpreting the theme Monsters, and these paintings have been packaged Blindbox style for sale here. Pick a Blind Monstrosity... if you dare!

Urban Vinyl Daily Interviews Jordan Hembrough from Toy Hunter on the Travel Channel

Travis Lykins from Urban Vinyl Daily interviews Jordan Hembrough from the Travel Channel's "Toy Hunter" show while at C2E2 2013.

"Hello...Kitty" by Davemarkart

The latest from Davemarkart...

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Yoru Tsubasa by Artmymind

My favorite Fonzo till now, totally amazed by this piece...

We present you "Yoru Tsubasa", and this is what happen when you get Artmymind creatively frustrated for too long. A liberating finger in the face to all the issues we've been through for the last few months. 

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